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Do you love art and the idea of adorning your walls with beautiful pieces? But do you also find it hard to choose what works for your home, need some help with selecting the right colour palette and size as well as having a limited budget? United Artworks is the perfect Art Gallery for you! 

United Artworks was born in 2012 as on Online only Art Gallery. Their paintings are 100% genuine hand painted artworks and feature professional quality oils and acrylics on primed cotton blend canvasses. They have partnered with world renowned artists that produce the paintings and prints in limited editions, so you know that you are purchasing a treasure that will stand the test of time. 

All artworks have the option to be framed with an outer ‘shadowbox’ timber frame in a variety of colours and are supplied fully stretched and ready to hang. Their framed prints feature digitally printed imagery onto fine art or ‘giclee’ paper which are surrounded by a flat white matte board as displayed online. 

It's as easy as it sounds... pop onto their online store, browse the gallery, find your chosen piece of Art, then select size, any changes to colour, pick your frame and voila you have yourself one beautiful new piece to love and look at forever!

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Tell us about United Artworks, what path led you to starting an online Gallery?

United Artworks is an online retailer and gallery based in Australia, specialising in made to order hand paintings, prints and design-inspired wall art. Conceived from within a furniture store, we held an underlying passion for artwork and continually saw that our furniture business grew stronger in the areas of décor and wall art. This led us to start focusing on a dedicated range which developed into a whole new website and business… and here we are!

We love United Artworks style – Can you tell us about the creative process you go through when selecting/designing/making/buying art?
Our inspirations are drawn from colour and movement essentially, with a clear focus toward interior design, and understanding which interiors will work best with our artworks. We are constantly sourcing new ideas and interior trends around the world (Instagram and Pinterest is regularly bookmarked), and bringing them to the market here in Australia. We usually start with a single concept or idea, whether it be a texture, tone or movement – and work with our team of artists both locally and worldwide to develop new works for us. We also often receive submissions from artists who are interested in collaborating with us and this often sparks new ideas too.

How would you describe the Art that is available for purchase at United Artworks?

We have always had a penchant for abstract expressionism and perhaps it is what we do best. From original artworks provided by art director in house, Julie Robertson (USA) to the flowing free forms of Lanette Rose (NSW, Australia), we love colour and movement when it balances beautifully in harmony on the canvas. We’re also loving the minimalist movement within the interior design space and have introduced a large series of art which focuses more on texture and tone. From moody hues, vivid brights, monochromes to pastel colours – there’s so many choices to suit different tastes. The biggest difference (no pun intended) about our products is that the artworks are all produced in larger sizes so they are ready to make a big statement in any room.

What can we expect next for United Artworks and do you have any new collections/artists/collaborations coming out soon?

We are constantly sourcing new, upcoming and established artists to collaborate with so our clients and customers view new pieces in our online gallery almost weekly. We have handpicked a number of artists who are currently working on their curated collections with us for 2016 – stay tuned. Besides artwork, we are always finding ways to extend our art and design into other mediums – most recently we launched a new collection of acrylic wall panels with stunning digital designs, and a range of indoor/outdoor appropriate cushions digitally printed from our favourite artworks.

Biggest ‘pinch me’ moment so far?

Working alongside talented artists on a daily basis gives us a daily ‘pinch me’ moment because it truly is such a creative and buzzing environment – we’re constantly working on new projects, new ideas, new collaborations, new products – usually all at the same time! The most recent exciting project would have to be our newly launched art collaboration with Alisa & Lysandra (https://www.unitedartworks.net/artwork/alisa-lysandra) from The Block Series. Launching this collection and working with the girls has been an amazing journey and one of our biggest projects yet – seeing it all come together at the photo shoot was a real ‘moment’ for us. Lastly, stumbling upon our artwork on TV (The Block, Selling Houses Australia, The Living Room) is a brilliant ‘pinch me’ moment when you least expect it at home.

What are your top design and decorating tips?
1. Start With Art: more and more interior decorators and stylists are choosing to work their designs around a piece of artwork first. Find a piece that really resonates with you and use the colours to set the tone for the rest of the room. If the artwork has many colours, pick out 2-3 to pair back with other pieces such as cushions, throws and small décor items. If the artwork has minimal colours, choose a statement or contrasting colour to add some interest and depth to your space. Sometimes it is easier starting with the art first, as opposed to struggling to fit the last piece of the puzzle in with an artwork that doesn’t really tick all the boxes!

2. Art doesn’t just belong on a wall! Hanging artwork doesn’t end at just one painting on one wall. If you are using a wall, you could create a ‘gallery wall look’ by hanging a few different complimenting pieces in staggered formation and create your own cluster of art, or even choose two ‘sister’ artworks (art that has a complimentary/contrasting twin – like in our ‘Perfect Pairs’ series https://www.unitedartworks.net/artwork/perfect-pairs) and hang them side by side for effect. Renters don’t miss out either – instead of tapping into a wall, lean your statement art against a buffet table or sideboard to create a relaxed feel, or even lean the art on the floor, against a side wall, for a lofty-vibe.

3. Size Matters. The size of your artwork is relevant to the size of your wall and the feature you want to create. You know you have overdone it when your artwork is overpowering your space, and vice versa, you know you have under delivered if you wall looks somewhat empty and sparse in comparison to the rest of the room. Handy tip – use masking tape to mark out the length and height of the canvas space on your wall and take a picture of this space. Send it to us and we can send you back the ‘wall art preview’ (https://www.unitedartworks.net/original-art-paintings/services/preview-art-on-your-wall/) where we have digitally imposed the artwork into that taped area. This is such a convenient service as it allows you to truly visualise what it will look like in your room.

3 words to describe your style?

Abstract. Contemporary. Design-inspired

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