Give, Inspire, Play - Alimrose creates treasures for children...



Alimrose is one of Australia’s most revered baby and children’s brands, featuring a gorgeous collection of soft dolls, squeakers, kid’s decor and accessories.

Signature to the Alimrose collection are the hand-crafted retro dolls which each have their own playful spirit. Each of the dolls are made with the highest level of craftsmanship, detailed embellishments in theatrical prints and characters with their own precious little narrative. 

Ballet enthusiasts will adore the Amelie Doll, which features a frothy, soft tulle removable skirt and dainty chic ballet slippers. Story Time Alice keeps her voluminous gold hair tied back with a black 'Alice' headband ribbon, whilst Red Riding Hood is delightful in her blue gingham dress. 

New to the collection is the Alimrose Emmy Doll which features blush tulle dress with gold ribbon trim, gold ballet shoes and a gold handbag. The Yvette Unicorn Doll provides sophisticated drama and hyper-feminine detailing with its untreated pure cotton outer, soft blush tulle and embroidered face. 

Give. Inspire. Play....create modern and creative spaces where children (and their dreams) can grow with Alimrose.



Olli Ella introduces their Mini Rattan Collection...

STORIE STOOL  | A little seat of wonder! The Storie stool is a rattan seat, handwoven, with a hidden storage compartment for toddlers and children to store all their favourite toys, books and treasures.

STORIE STOOL | A little seat of wonder! The Storie stool is a rattan seat, handwoven, with a hidden storage compartment for toddlers and children to store all their favourite toys, books and treasures.


Olli Ella have released their Mini Rattan Collection, a range that brings out the explorer and the adventurer in children. 

Olli Ella products are influenced by play and having fun, as well as each piece being useful and tactile. Olli Ella pieces are lovingly made ethically, and sustainably, using natural materials such as rattan, seagrass, and wool - the collection is populated with pieces that delight and are cherished, and seem to become firm favourites in every home.

STROLLEY  | A new kind of convertible, the sturdy and substantially sized Strolley transforms from trolley to stroller with just a flip of its lid.

STROLLEY | A new kind of convertible, the sturdy and substantially sized Strolley transforms from trolley to stroller with just a flip of its lid.

KIDS LUGGY  | Functional, practical and just so adorable, the Luggy will accompany your tot everywhere – from the playground to market trips.

KIDS LUGGY | Functional, practical and just so adorable, the Luggy will accompany your tot everywhere – from the playground to market trips.

MINICHARI BAG  | Features brass hardware and adjustable canvas loops that can either be worn during the day as a bag, or removed to place as a bike and scooter basket acting as an attachable handbag.

MINICHARI BAG | Features brass hardware and adjustable canvas loops that can either be worn during the day as a bag, or removed to place as a bike and scooter basket acting as an attachable handbag.

STROLLEY  | A new kind of convertible, the sturdy and substantially sized Strolley transforms from trolley to stroller with just a flip of its lid.

STROLLEY | A new kind of convertible, the sturdy and substantially sized Strolley transforms from trolley to stroller with just a flip of its lid.


The newest collection from Incy Interiors... kids style to steal!

Mod Collection Incy Interiors

Incy interiors have always been on the forefront of super glam and super versatile children's furniture. Their latest collection 'MOD' has just landed, and I just know you are going to love it. It has Incy's signature style, pops of rose gold and a stunning colour palette of course!

Featuring an amazing New York Style Bunk Bed that your kids will go crazy for, a change table/chest of drawers, a bedside table and a gorgeous desk that all come in either White, Pink & Rose Gold or Navy.

Each piece in the range is modern in shape and ideology but still reflective of vintage aspects with futuristic appeal.

Time to revamp your little one's bedroom? SHOP the range here!

Mod Collection Incy Interiors

Maximize the space in any youth bedroom with Incy Interior’s New York Loft Style Bed. Inspired by the bunkbeds of yore, the design provides functional sleeping zones, additional height and a grand sense of openness. Framed by a sturdy ladder, the three rails are easy steps to extreme style.

The Estelle bunk has many configuration options. It can be used as a tradititional bunk with the lower bed either directly underneath or in a L-shape. Both the loft and lower bed can be used stand alone.

Mod Collection Incy Interiors

Complete your look with our Estelle desk which features one pullout drawer. Each piece is modern in shape and ideology but still reflective of vintage aspects with futuristic appeal. It can be used to decorate a children’s room or adult’s study.

Mod Collection Incy Interiors.jpg

Clover Change Table has a slender silhouette and restrained simple lines that transports elements of Art Deco to the future of furniture design. The design of the table has been well thought out; round corners contrast against distinctive tapered legs to create soft, contemporary profiles.

Mod Collection Incy Interiors.jpg

Complete your look with our Estelle side table which features two pullout drawers. Each piece is modern in shape and ideology but still reflective of vintage aspects with futuristic appeal. It can be used to decorate a children’s room or adult’s study.


Need a Christmas idea for your little one? Zoo Modern Animal Friends!


With Christmas just around the corner and many gifts to buy – I had to share these absolutely gorgeous children’s toys with you... and can we talk about how cute my niece Fern is being a baby model for me?!

Lars Owl, Abe Fox, Evan Rabbit & Leo Bear are the furry friends created by ZooModern. Theses ‘animal friends’ are handcrafted in New York, made from sustainable timber that is soft to the touch, painted with child-safe paint from Germany and super soft all natural wool from Ireland.

Zoo Modern Toys

The ZooModern collection has a bespoken quality about it which encourages children to build their own ‘animal friend’ using the interchangeable capes. Their products combine age old craftsmanship with contemporary style, modern design and a sense of humour. ZooModern believe in appreciating the beauty in wood, the principle of simplicity in design and the act of fun in life!


The creator of ZooModern is Glen Hay who grew up in Ohio and attended the Kubert School of Cartooning and then worked for the Jim Henderson Design Company. He then moved forward to work with the Sesame Street crew handling their overseas cast of characters and learning the culture of the European markets. For the last 12 years he has worked in the toy industry creating classic toys mainly made from wood.

And now he has created his own line of toys ZooModern, founded as an umbrella for his diverse interests, ranging from puppetry to sculpting to illustration and contemporary toy culture.

Zoo Modern
Source: With Christmas just around the corner and ...

7 Top Tips for creating a timeless kids room...


We love children's room decor and we love top tips - Lavender Hill Interiors has provided their 7 top tips to achieve a timeless kid’s room that is chic, and that has style that will stretch as child grows.  

Design, Styling and Photography  Oh Eight Oh Nine

Design, Styling and Photography Oh Eight Oh Nine

1 - Keep it simple - A neutral colour palette is key to a great child’s room. Choose light airy neutral colours, this creates a chic base as well as a calm atmosphere. Neutral colours give you flexibility to add pop of colours with accessories like bed linen, cushions and throws. 

2 - Layers of love – Add more texture. Choose comforting fabrics such as bamboo sheets made from high quality organic bamboo. The collection is designed with understated, classic elegance and features cooler colours that will contrast beautifully against a Lavender Hills upholstered bedhead.

3 - Grow with me – Invest in classic and timeless furniture that will adapt to the growth of a child. Lavender Hill Interiors bedside table and chest of drawers which feature fluted legs and drawers, or Incy Interiors teeny change tables which is adaptable and can be later used as a bookshelf when baby gets a little bigger.  

4 - Frame it – select wall decals that have a mature twist such as Alan Walsh Posters and can be transferred from the bedroom to the lounge.  

5 - SPACI-AL Awareness: For all those bits of lego! Yes, you know it!  
Invest in chic storage such as Olli Ella’s range of baskets which will empower rather than overwhelm the room like plastic containers do.  

6 - Throw down your style. Introduce warmth into your children’s room with a statement throw or rug that is durable, made from quality material and will help protect the carpet underneath from natural spills and thrills when children play! Fab Habitat’s Tangier in Celery and White which is woven from straws made up of recycled plastic, so you can just shake or hose off for easy cleaning.

7 - Children have a say – it is important that your child enjoys the process and feels as though they had input. Kids enjoy imagining their dream room and are interested in designing their own bedroom.


NUBO - The play centre to exercise your imagination


Nubo is an innovative new educational play space that connects families through purposeful design and quality learning experiences. A place to exercise your imagination, and the first of it's kind in Australia. 

Nubo, meaning cloud, is a highly designed play centre space that helps children and families play, explore, connect, grow and learn together. Celebrating the innocence of childhood, Nubo brings play back to its essence, combining beautiful, uncomplicated spaces and bespoke educative playing tools – a place to exercise imagination and experience pure play.

And what caught our eye initially about this amazing concept was it's thoughtfully designed interior. Every colour, material and design element was considered and the overall feel of Nubo is soft, gentle and inviting. 

Find out more about Nubo here.


The latest bedding offering from Nununu World...


Combining classic art medium techniques with nununu's signature minimalist yet edgy aesthetic, the premier fashion and accessory brand has debuted their spring/summer 17 collection.

Their latest bedding and blankets have nununu's signature darker vibe with prints inspired by paint strokes, colour blocking and our favourite stars, all showcasing their trademark muted colour palette.


Bella Buttercup...


Baby and Children's brand Belle Buttercup is a gorgeous curation of Scandinavian inspired Playbars, dollhouses, accessories, decor and blankets for your little one. Bella Buttercup are passionate about creating modern and creative spaces where your littlie's can grow and play - amongst a stunning colour palette of soft greys, pale pinks and baby blues... perfect for us interiors junkies!

The collection is fresh and contemporary and helps modernise your nursery all while complimenting and seamlessly integrating with your home decor. Bella Buttercup has a suite of treasures for all your decoration and gifting needs.

It is a business born from an appreciation of colour, craftsmanship, form and above all functionality. So add some Scandinavian style to your sweetie’s space... scroll down for more information on their range and links to shop below. 

The veritable haven for Scandinavian cool, Bella Buttercup’s Little Place is a minimalist wooden dolls house (RRP $150) for your darlings to play with their toys and teddy bears. Made from New Zealand pine wood, it features a no-fuss design with a sculptural quality and artistic elegance that brilliantly blurs the boundaries between art and design. ‘We’ve created a contemporary interpretation of the traditional doll house that can be left as is, or personalised with paint or decoration,’ says founder Chloe.

Its raw-finish and sturdy silhouette provides a signature statement to an otherwise bland room, and, at the same time has a strong decadence and futuristic appeal where you can add individual sparkle to the fame and help create your own little piece of fairy-tale magic. Bella Buttercup’s Little Place is suitable for totts - 24 months and older.

Bella Buttercup’s Change Pad Cover (RRP $49) features a relaxed and approachable everlasting quilt-design that captures the principles of Nordic minimalism and, the same time, delightfully radiates warmth and modern-day charm. The cover is available in two gender neutral (and natural) colours (Dusk and Sky), and is made from a water-resistant lining that acts as a barrier for damp surfaces. Perfect for play-time or picnics, the Change Pad Cover is Ideal for newborns and for those who are on the go!. Similarly, Little Space is available in an assortment of lolly colours (Dusky Skies, Milky Way, Peachy Keen, Powder Blue and Star Dust), and the perfect travel companion for everyday use.   

New to the range is Bella Buttercup’s Nappy Clutch (from RRP $39) which is made from 100% water-resistant quilted jersey. Its compact enough to store in the nappy bag but big enough to keep all the essentials for nappy changing. Decorate with a mini-wood attachment or tassel that will help entertain and distract baby so they don’t roll whilst get changed. 

Play Bar by Bella Buttercup is a Scandinavian-inspired play gym, suitable for newborns through to 12 months. It helps baby comfortably explore milestones such as: tummy time, rolling over for the first time, learning to touch or feel and strengthen their legs before take-off! Available in Star Dust (pink and grey), Milky Way (blue and grey) and Dusky Skies (dove blue and natural)- the design has a structural elegance that adds design integrity to your home. For those who want a little more colour-love, get lacquered with Bella Buttercup’s Dipped Playbar, featuring grey or white paint on the legs.     

Little Space's big sister, Play Space is a larger portable space for your baby or toddler. Its clean design and soft cushioned surface makes it perfect for babies or toddlers. Suitable to use inside and out of the home and available in two colour combinations, there is a Play Space perfect for every home interior. We have designed the Play Space to fold up so you can take it anywhere and is easy to keep clean.

It’s time to play! Bella Buttercup’s playful accessories focus on textural elements: sound, touch and sight. Either select from the boy’s collection (powder blue, white, soft grey and metallic silver/grey); girl’s toy accessories (powder pink, white, soft grey and metallic silver/grey), or gender neutral (soft grey, white, aqua and metallic silver/grey). Each of these delights are designed to tie to the cotton straps, and available in either Silicone (which double up and help baby during teething) or natural unfinished wood. It’s time to play! 

Bella Buttercup here - Instagram here - Facebook here - Pinterest here

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May Gibbs x Kip & Co Collaboration...


One of our favourite Australian bedding brands Kip & Co have just released what we think could be our most beloved collaboration yet, a range adorned with the stunning illustrations of May Gibbs – yes you are correct, Snugglepot and Cuddlepie, The Gumnut Babies!

This month marks Snugglepot and Cuddle Pie’s 100 year anniversary – the iconic Australian children’s story by May Gibbs that went on to produce 13 very loved children’s books.

Kip & Co who are not only known for their eye catching colourful bed linen collections but also for their always on point collaborations had the incredible opportunity of licensing some of May Gibbs illustrations to turn into a capsule collection for Kip & Co Kids and Kip Tiny. The range includes blankets, swaddles, cushions, playmats, sleepwear and santa sacks, eeeek is it that time of the year already?!!

Kip & Co x The May Gibbs collection can be pre-ordered online now – click here.

Kip & Co here - Facebook here - Instagram here - Pinterest here

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Metallic Magic from Incy Interiors...

Copper fourposter bed Incy Interiors

Get in the middle of metallic magic with mixed metals from Incy Interiors, choose rose gold or nickel and glam up your little one's bedroom.   

Incy Interiors specialises in beautiful designer furniture for babies and children. Incy is committed to providing Australians with well designed, high quality and stylish children's and baby furniture that is not only beautiful but also functional and affordable.

Enjoy the delicious shimmers of the Queen Eden Bed and Ellie Cot that fuse together old-world vintage charm with a sparkling modern day twist for instant glamour.

Who doesn't love a bit of sparkle!!!



Copper Cot Incy Interiors
Nickel Cot Incy interiors
Nickel Cot Incy interiors

Incy here - Facebook here - Instagram here - Pinterest here

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Luggy Baskets by Olli Ella...


The Luggy Basket from Olli Ella is the latest toddler must-have. Perfect for your little one to take around town, to the market, the playground or to use in the backyard and isn't it just the cutest thing you have ever seen? Functional, practical and just so adorable, the Luggy will accompany your tot everywhere.

Fairtrade and handmade with love these wheeled baskets are perfect for storing and toting your little one’s most prized possessions.A tiny wheeled basket for your toddler, perfect for storing and toting their most prized possessions. Available in bright Yellow and Blue, or a softer natural or white - sizing is 25cm x 26cm x 58cm tall with a RRP of $75.00 - shop here!

Olli Ella here - Instagram here - Facebook  - Pinterest here

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Fazeek is a homewares company specialising in classic, modern linens and baskets with a hand-painted touch.

Their new collection of colourful belly baskets are all hand painted in their studio in Melbourne. These playful baskets are perfect to store anything from blankets in the lounge room to kids toys, or even your favourite indoor plants! With a choice of monochrome, pastels or pop colours these baskets make a wonderful addition to any home.

With fifteen years experience working in hospitality and fashion, floristry and design, Jackie has cultivated a singular talent for producing stylistic, reuseable hand-printed and hand-painted wares.

I love these for your kids rooms, stylish and fun and so great for storing all their bits and pieces!

Fazeek here - Facebook here - Instagram here

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In bed with Fred...


I'm just so in love with In Bed with Fred's fabulous kid's bedding... and their second range 'Paper Jungle' is all about layering. They have combined their love of colour, natures simple beauty and have added a little "fun". 

In bed with Fred was born when three Australian mothers, Alex, Erica and Jacinda decided to take a leap of faith to fill the gap and bring you something fresh and bright for your children's rooms. Their vision was for a modern, colourful and illustrative linen collection and they worked with designer Kimmy Hogan to bring their vision to life. All of the products have been designed in Australia and made in India with the best quality linen available. 

See more of the collection and all the gorgeous babies bedding by clicking here...

"Let's drench our children's rooms in colour with clean, modern designs....let's steer clear of cliche baby colour schemes and themes .....let's create a linen range for our children that is sophisticated yet so fun and friendly that it would be loved by babies, children and adults alike!"

In Bed with Fred here - Facebook here - Instagram here

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New bedding by NUNUNU world...


BURN BABY, BURN! NUNUNU cranks the amp up to 11 as they introduce another electrifying bedding collection to their already cult collection of kids wear. 

For the coming season, NUNUNU displays their continued exploration of muted hues and minimalism, and draws inspiration from industrial design... kids minimalism at it's best!

NUNUNU here - Instagram here - Facebook here 

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Children's Decor Christmas Gift Guide...


Can you believe it's under 2 WEEKS until Christmas?! What? I haven't even started shopping yet... help! 

If you love styling, home decor and interiors and your child's room is just as important as the rest of your home then check out my edit of Children's Christmas Decor Gifts below..  fun!


Fawn Standing -  Noc Noc

Fawn Standing - Noc Noc

Wooden Toy Camera -  Behind the Trees

Wooden Toy Camera - Behind the Trees

Garland -  Hazel loves Ivy

Garland - Hazel loves Ivy

Felt pom pom garland - Toucan 

Felt pom pom garland - Toucan 

Tassel wall hanging -  Maypole Design

Tassel wall hanging - Maypole Design

Toto Wooden Game -  Rock and Pebble

Toto Wooden Game - Rock and Pebble

Watermelon Dolls -  Avery Trend

Watermelon Dolls - Avery Trend

Wooden Mountains -  Wood and Weave Co

Wooden Mountains - Wood and Weave Co

Messa Print -  Olli Ella

Messa Print - Olli Ella

Dreaming wool felt garland -  In my hood

Dreaming wool felt garland - In my hood

Tribal Village Peg Doll Set -  Vines of the wild

Tribal Village Peg Doll Set - Vines of the wild

Hexagon Stacking Blocks -  Babee and me

Hexagon Stacking Blocks - Babee and me


Little Bairn...

Written by Nina Eberhardt

Being the sister of 'Dot + Pop' certainly has it's advantages. Recently I was gifted a beautiful set of pregnancy products from the delightful company Little Bairn... It's a little different from the usual posts on Dot + Pop, however Eve was drawn to the products by their sorbet colours, minimalist feel and the vision of how dreamy they would look in a babies nursery.

I love products that are Australian made and organic, especially now I am carrying, and Little Bairn ticks both those boxes. Their products are all 100% natural, made from pure and organic ingredients, so you can be assured there is nothing nasty in store for mum or baby.  The ingredient lists are short and there are no fillers – just pure, safe and simple products. All products are safe to use right from birth and are eczema friendly. 

Victoria, the owner and founder of Little Bairn, found herself disappointed at the amount of unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients in baby care products available at the time her son Oliver was born, in 2011. Wanting to protect her son's skin she decided to take a 'back to basics' approach and in 2013 Little Bairn was launched.

I was lucky enough to receive four beautiful products to try...

The 'Relax Me' Pregnancy Bath Soak has been a godsend. Designed to soothe the body and calm the senses -  it has lived up to it's name! Made with organic rose petals and lavender flowers, white clay, Himalayan saltand Epsom salt, it not only smells beautiful but looks gorgeous too. Even though I am only in my second trimester, I am usually exhausted and sore after a day spent up and down off the floor with twenty 6 year olds! A warm soak in the evening has been an indulgent way to relax, soothe my muscles and steal an hour away! 

The 'Blooming Belly Oil' is designed for the prevention of stretch marks – something I am very interested in! I had been worried about the chemicals in bio oil and hadn't been all that keen to use it, so I wasvery glad when this arrived in the mail! The description on the bottle says 'A blend of organic, omega rich oils to boost collagen production and leave skin supple and smooth. Avocado and jojoba oils nourish the skin and help improve elasticity, while calendula, evening primrose and rose hip promote healing and renewing'. It smells beauitful and I feel a million times better rubbing this into my growing belly knowing that it is completely natural - and the best thing is, no stretch marks yet! 

The Rose Hip Oil I haven't used much yet. I'm saving it to use after the birth as it can be used to reduce the appearance of fine lines, scars and stretch marks, although I'm hoping not to have too many of those! In the mean time I have been using it on my face when it is feeling particularly dry as it is packed full of fatty acids which help to nourish and regenerate my skin. 

I'm glad to say I haven't had to use the Nipple Balm yet! From what I have heard from friends who are mothers, it will come in very handy once Bub is here. I cant imagine putting something with nasty chemicals on sore, cracked nipples, so I am pleased to have this lanolin free balm to naturally relieve and protect. The ingredients include avocado oil, rose-hip oil and liquid Shea butter. A review to come in the future! 

I am looking forward to ordering some other products for the baby. I have already found it tricky to buy products that are natural and I can't think of anything worse than putting creams or powders on my baby's skin that contain artificial colours, fragrances and other nasties. These are on my wish list:

Bottom Balm - A blend of soothing oil and natural beeswax specially formulated to both treat and prevent the symptoms of nappy rash.

Natural Baby Powder - A talc free powder, containing soothing white clay and a hint of lavender to leave baby smelling sweet while absorbing moisture and soothing skin. 

Sleepy Time Bath and Massage Oil - I am excited to give this a try as I am looking forward to learning about baby massage. It is a gentle blend of nutrient rich oils that will leave baby feeling nourished and smooth. The addition of chamomile and lavender will help prepare baby for sleep too! 

Go to to see more beautiful products such as Sleepy Time Nursey SprayMilk and Honey Bath Soak, Cucumber and Sweet Orange Body Wash. ( I feel a big order coming on!) 

Little Bairn here - Stockists here - Instagram here - Facebook here - Twitter here

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