Olli Ella...

Celebration is the word I am using to tell you about this young company Olli Ella.

Celebration of a collection of the loveliest nursery furniture specifically designed for children's spaces and beautiful baby bedding. Olli Ella are continually expanding their range which includes nursing chairs, rugs, nursery furniture, cushions and baby bedding and their love of colour and design is reflected across their growing range of products. Olli Ellaconsiders the entire house when creating their beautiful nursery/children's wares – it's an integral element of their brand identity – the fabulous products, designed and made for a child's space also look great in grown- up spaces too.

Celebration of an international flavour. The manufacture of all nursery furniture and bedding is done in Australia and England, along with the importing of a few products that are inspired from their travels, for example their Nepalese felt wool rugs and Moroccan inspired bedding collection. Their ethos of fair trade, quality and attention to detail is really valued.

Celebration of sisters Chloe and Olivia Brookman who founded Olli Ella in 2009 and continue to expand this contemporary styled business from Sydney, where Chloe lives and London, where Olivia lives. They both studied design in London and then the inspiration for Olli Ella began while Chloe was expecting her first baby. Their amazing collection is now sold and celebrated worldwide.

Have a look at the fabulous products in these photos and you will truly want to include them in your child's nursery and your home.

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