This Little House...

Are these not the most fabulous children's beds you have ever seen?! This Little House is hand crafted locally in Woolongong and are created as sleeping spaces and beautiful cubbys. 

The 'cubby' version is available in beautiful natural timber so you can customise it to suit any space; paint it, add hanging fairy lights, pompom garlands, cushions…let your child's imagination run wild. These are designed as a play house and not a bed as they are not as sturdy as their metal sibling; This Little House knows how rough and tumble kids can be and wanted to ensure the safety of everyone while enjoying the magic of This Little House. 
Timber Cubby $199.95.

This Little House 'bed' version is made of sturdy metal and comes in staple colours with options to transition from a cot to a bed and with the added option of it being 30cm raised off the ground. I love the blank canvas of the house shape, it ignites your child's imagination to create their own cosy space and express their style. These metal versions have a higher weight tolerance compared to the timber, perfect for fun and games as well as a restful nights sleep! 
Metal Cot/Bed $499.95 + delivery.

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