Feeling Fruity… Top tips from Children's Interior Designer Christie Blizzard

It's time to get fresh and fruity as we come into summer... and what a better way to get inspired to decorate your kid's room than with the best in the biz... Christie Blizzard - Children's Celebrity Interior Designer. 

Here are some budget busting finds and some decedent delights to help you update your little one’s space and make it picture perfect for the silly season...

Top Tips To get a Fruity Finish:

1) HEALTHY START: Accent your child’s room with fruit, but don’t make your child’s room look like a fruit bowel. The idea is to inject freshness and fun into the room, rather than over doing it. 

2) FRUIT SALAD: Use these elements to match in with your existing pallet. For girls, consider the cherry print or a watermelon rug that works with what you already have. Make the fruit trend work for you.

3) BUY IN PAIRS: To keep things consistent, use two fruit-themed items. Just one will have no purpose / balance in the room so always good to off-set it with another fruity fun piece.

4) DON"T USE REAL FRUIT: As tempting as it is, a bowl of lemons or apples just won’t go the distance. If you would like to consider real fruit as decor, be sure to keep them in a vessel that can be changed from time-to-time and is up high enough so your little one won’t eat the produce. If real fruit is a must, fill a vase with glorious green apples as a “sometimes” decoration, rather than chucking a fruit bowl on the desk.

5) DIY: if you are crafty consider painting your own canvas or framing a fruit-inspired tea towel. If your child is old enough, make a day of it and have them create their own fruit-inspired wall art.

6) KEEP IT FRESH: Don’t like fruit? If fruit just isn’t your thing, use the colours as inspiration and build from there. Reds, greens and yellows are very on-trend and can still give your child’s room a summer flavour but won’t leave a bitter taste in your mouth. 

7) BUDGET CONSCIOUS? Check out etsy.com there are so many gorgeous handmade options from some amazing artisans that will make your fruity palace unique

8) WALL STICKERS: The fruit fad will give your space fabulous pops of colour and make their room alive. However, using fun wall stickers (pineapples from vivid wall decals) means you can make a statement without it being a permanent one. From just $25 you can give yourself a fun feature wall that can be removed when you need a new look.

9) OTTO- MOTTO:  Make your own ottoman. If you are lucky enough to have a great local vintage shop or an ability to track down items online, find an old-fashioned fruit crate and make your own seat cushion using foam and strong, fruity colours which doubles as a storage box.

10) FRUITY TANGO:  This gorgeous trend will inspire some amazing, fun spaces. That is the whole idea. Take risks with colour, be playful and enjoy this limitless fad before it is last season’s flavour.

Product references from above pictures:
1.    Sonny Angel Fruit Series - $9.95 from This Little Love
2.     Country Road Bedding: From $39.95
3.     Oobi fruit stools: $249
4.     Vivid Wall Decals: from $25
5.     Watermelon lamp $199
6.     Watermelon Felt Rug: On sale for $200 from Incy Interiors
7.     (Cherries) Rocket and Floss Artwork: from $20
8.     Fine Little Day Pear Poster – $48 from Skip To My Lou
9.     Talo Interiors Hand Picked Lemon: From $185
10.   Apple wall paper: $148 per roll

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