Bloom | new collection by Kimmy Hogan


There is so much to love about Kimmy Hogan's latest collection BLOOM. \

Her art is digitally created, however each line and each shape has been created with the stroke of her hand, resulting in the feeling of her pieces being hand drawn. Every line and every colour is carefully considered and each piece is an absolute masterpiece - we can't decide which one we love the most, which is your favourite?

Each piece is limited edition, so be quick - Shop at Kimmy Hogan or Green House Interiors .


Botanical Night by Kimmy Hogan...

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Botanical Night is the latest offering from super talented Geelong based artist Kimmy Hogan.

Kimmy's love of botanical beauty is apparent in her digitally illustrated artworks. The collection is limited edition with only 50 per size (4 size available) and each piece comes hand signed and numbered. 

Swooning over these stunning pieces... 


Kimmy Hogan...


I have been ooooing and ahhhhing over Kimmy Hogan's absolutely stunning art for such a long time and can't believe I haven't blogged about her sooner! 

Kimmy Hogan is a trained professional graphic designer who has worked in the advertising industry for over ten years. Her love of illustration, art and interiors had always been in the forefront of her mind and she finally fulfilled her passion and started creating her own art four years ago. 

"She had a love for traditional oil paintings but it was digital illustration where her talent lied – which led her to reinvent this tactile medium in a digital way. Whist her art is all digitally created it is still very ‘hand drawn’ with each line and shape being created with the stroke of the hand and each fleck of colour being carefully considered. The simplified curves and shapes of colour give the image a more painterly, impressionistic feel which range in subject matter from traditional to modern." about Kimmy via Greenhouse Interiors

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