Inspirational Art by Brainspiration...

Brainspiration is an online curation of art for those who want to deepen and enhance their individual mind and spiritual ‘wellbeing.’ New Australian creatives behind online curation Brainspiration, have created timeless and charming art pieces which are born out of a desire to bring hope, inspiration and motivation to families and employees worldwide. Each print has been inspired by motivational and positive thoughts across an array of areas like life, business, travel, fashion and more.

Another great things about this art is that you can choose to have it printed on matte paper stock, reusable fabric wall decal or unmounted scratch-proof canvas, giving you complete versatility on how you display your art.

However what I love most is that they are true to their brand’s essence and donate 10% of all proceeds to beyondblue — a charity empowering all Australians, at any life stage, to seek help with depression and anxiety.

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