Colour trends 2018 by Wattyl...


Wattyl have released their colour trends forecast for 2018 and we are loving their vibe... they have created four beautiful colour palettes inspired by global trend insights and have translated them into contemporary styles for Australian living. 

Wattyl believes that the ever changing world we live in affects the way we think and behave and we couldn't agree more. Culture, politics, technology and our environment impact our lifestyles, our design and the colours that resonate with us.

The 2018 colour palettes are available in Wattyl’s premium paint range and come in a range of styles.


Nowstalgia - There is a desire to return to a time when life was simple and optimistic. We are drawn to ideas, memories and objects of a bygone era. There is an attraction to the tactility of a vinyl record, the magic of a Polaroid picture and the individuality of vintage design. The sentimental but upbeat look echo mid-century modern design of Palm Springs with a hint of luxe!


The Slow Down - In a bid to manage our connected and busy lifestyles we are searching for moments and ways to slow down. We want to spend more time at home, enjoying the rest and recreation our personal spaces offer us. The Fear of Missing Out has become the Joy of Missing Out. Silence is golden. Spatial energy and a respect for our environments are portrayed through mindful use and thoughtful inclusions. Colours are soft and quiet.


Grounded - There is rising importance for many of us to gain meaning and purpose in our lives. We are making mission-minded lifestyle decisions and are basing our purchasing decisions off our values rather than marketing-created desires. The demand for brand honesty continues to increase and our desire to move to a life of self-sufficiency is emerging as a new status symbol. We are becoming more aware and connected to the natural environment and embrace the botanical and the mineral palettes that nature boasts.


Mood Monitor - Our health and well-being is becoming ever increasingly important to us. We require time out, time to reset and strengthen our bodies and minds. The desire to improve ourselves and regain focus is vital for our resilience and evolution. We require space to clear our minds and uninterrupted time to think and reconnect with ourselves. Our homes morph into zen-like spaces suspended in time. Colour and light stimulate our dormant senses and we can breathe.