Home Tour - Green Gables, Mt Martha by Studio Tate

Photography | Sharyn Cairns

Photography | Sharyn Cairns

We love a home tour, a little sneak peak into the beautiful homes of amazing people, and today's tour is one you will want to add to your Pinterest inspo board for sure! 

Green Gables House in Mt Martha is a heritage Tudor-style beach house which has been completely renovated and restored by Studio Tate. One of the main goals of the renovation was to stay true and respectful to the original heritage architecture and to add a sense of casual luxury, something which was suitable to the beach side location. 

Overall it oozes coastal vibes, with plenty of texture, nude and grey tones,  soft furnishings to die for and the use of robust durable materials to keep it balanced - and we just love the luxe beach side house vibe they have created - can we move in for summer please?!

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Cronulla House by Amber Road...

All images by      Prue Ruscoe   | Art Direction by  Amanda Mahoney  | All existing garden work by  Spirit Level

All images by Prue Ruscoe  | Art Direction by Amanda Mahoney | All existing garden work by Spirit Level

I am absolutely crushing on the Cronulla House by Amber Road

Amber Road is a Sydney based design collective dedicated to making inspiring & unique 'inside and outside' spaces, large and small.

They have designed everything from an entire urban park precinct, to a beautiful bespoke lamp, and everything in between. Their aim is to create places and objects that truly reflect their client’s values - with considered, bold concepts and clever detailing, built on robust foundations.  

The clients brief for the Cronulla House was 'to keep it as unpretentious and simple as possible'. The end design celebrated a warm minimalism, the uncluttered and the imperfect. A 10m long concrete bench was installed and aimed to bridge the two living areas and encourage a more engaging experience for the end user. 

"It feels iconically Australian. It has sophisticated colour and the material combination are very successful. The use of a few beautifully resolved large gestures anchors the overall interior scheme for this house building on this, the interiors are then sensitively and artfully layered to make a visually original home but one with comforting and erudite references to the twentieth century and the particularities of Australian modernism "

- IDEA Awards, 2015

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