Prepare to be wowed - The Dulux Colour Forecast 2020 has landed!


Can you believe that we are looking at trends for 2020? I can’t believe that it’s nearly here, however looking at this amazingness I am excited for what’s to come. Dulux have just released their annual colour forecast, this year entitled ‘Essence’ which consists of four palettes: Comeback, Grounded, Cultivate and Indulge.

Colours for 2020 are more restrained than in previous years. Brights are pulled back and influenced by nature. They appear in smaller doses – think feature walls and details – and are often used tonally as a backdrop for hero furniture pieces. Neutrals are soft and sophisticated, with a gently faded feel that speaks of stillness and calm. Clay, with its warm, earthy appeal, is emerging as a key neutral,” says Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour and Communications Manager.

‘These colour trends are influenced by what’s happening in the world around us. With more focus on mental health, the wellness movement continues to gain momentum, as does an emphasis on natural materiality.’ says Andrea.


Do you dream of living a simple, uncomplicated life? Adopting a less-is-more approach, Grounded inspires us to move towards an existence filled with conscious, smart living choices, without compromising on the beauty, warmth and texture that remains essential to creating our happy place.

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Dreaming of an escape? Indulge speaks to our collective desire to disconnect from the mounting challenges of the everyday. It’s the perfect antidote to our busy, high-stress lives, finding the rose-tinted glasses to reignite our romance with hearth and home.

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The time has come to nurture and regenerate. To surrender to that urge for escape and to find refuge in the beautiful simplicity of nature. As we disconnect from the harsh white filters of the digital sphere, reconnect with the elements of nature: verdant earth, clean air, natural light.

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While there is a sense of safety in the familiar, we cannot ignore the call to break out and express our true selves. Comeback speaks to this innately creative desire, inspiring us to blend contemporary design cues with vintage pieces.

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Photography: Lisa Cohen | Styling: Bree Leech