Need some colour inspo? Dulux Colour Forecast 2018

Creative Director - Bree Leech

Creative Director - Bree Leech

Discover the future of interiors with the Dulux Colour Trends for 2018.

You will find inspiring colours and ideas on how to bring the future of colour to life and into your home... we absolutely love this forecast, what a stunning collection of colours!


DULUX Kinship – 

Details are informed by familiar and traditional architectural treatments, while colour is simple and uncomplicated, providing warmth without overwhelming the senses. Punctuations of red hint at Eastern influences.

Folklore revival. Kinship focuses on renewing our faith in one another and the world around us. Drown out the negative vibes and embrace truth and transparency.

The Kinship trend brings together a diverse mix of cultural references. Furniture forms are inspired by traditional crafts such as wood turning, knitting and sewing.


DULUX Essential – 

A minimalist approach to shapes, finishes and forms is warmed by cosy Hygge vibes. Imperfections are a key attribute of the Essential trend, playing out through textured finishes and a handcrafted aesthetic.

Simple forms, subtle textures. Essential’s palette draws together cool greys and soft warm shades. Wall finishes such as Dulux Suede Effect allow you to create a bespoke finish that is either heavily textured, or soft and subtle – depending on the application.

Our search for genuine simplicity inspires a newfound appreciation for natural and recycled materials. As we embrace the old as new, we repair our rifts with nature and move towards a more conscious way of living.


DULUX Reflect – 

Reflect looks at the past to re-imagine the future. Iconic designs are reissued in new materials and/or proportions while new designs reference classic forms with a fresh twist.

Metallic details add an opulent mood to the reflect trend. Porter’s Paints Liquid Gold in Bronze Gold is a rich metallic finish, with a depth that gives the impression of cast bronze.

The style plays out in an opulent fusion of eclectic classic style. Hints of 70's glamour clash with sassy bursts of 90's style. Twentieth-century relics are recast as sophisticates of the new century. Design statements are bold, yet an understated luxury remains intact.


DULUX Escapade – 

With a distinct nod to the 80s, quirky shapes are finding their way back into our furnishings. Offset by the colourful undercurrents of the Memphis Movement as well as a 50's Palm Spring vibe.

Organic shapes blend with solid forms in a lively clash of styles. Kick back and prepare to take off, let your dreams run wild. Adventure and discovery hover on the horizon. Paradise is just a plane ride away.

The glamour of travel lives on in the fine leather finish of your designer luggage and the free-spirited selfies filling your social feeds. Luxury is what you make it – a hot Brazilian beach, a stylish Palm Springs spa, or a Miami-esque pina colada.