Style Source Book...


I love sharing new and exciting interior concepts with you and today’s is one of the best yet…  Style Sourcebook is a new Australian product sourcing and styling destination that has been developed to help you renovate, decorate and create different moods via the mood board functionality tool. 

It features more than 700 brands and 30,000 products so you really do have the interior design world at your fingertips and you can let your mind run wild with creativity. The site allows you to search for finishes, fittings, furniture and homewares all on the same platform, and then digitally style them via a mood board tool. How good is that?! 

Personally I know I can find it hard when I have a new project on the go and I have thousands of ideas and concepts to consider–  colours, fabrics, walls, floor, furniture, lighting and accessories; and with Style Sourcebook I can collect all my thoughts in one space and build on it coherently by adding inspirational images and notes alongside each of my designs. 

Style Sourcebook’s sophisticated drag and drop interface allows you to mix and match cross- category products to produce a collage of swatches and products that will visually help you define your style. You can then share your style on the site and across your social media channels.

I have created two mood boards for upcoming projects I am working on so you can see how simple yet amazingly effective this online tool is – I have a feeling you will all be thanking me for introducing you to this new gem very soon!

If you are in need inspiration to get your next project up and running, the site also enables you to view product styling ideas and expert advice from interior designers then contact them directly if you would like to discuss a similar project. 

Style Sourcebook was founded by Lisa Cousens who, after renovating her Edwardian home spent hours searching separate websites and driving around to collect samples and swatches from individual retailers. Lisa wanted to create an online destination that helped simplify this process to make it more time efficient and enjoyable. The objective is to bring all the products, tools and inspiration together across different retailers to help you create your perfect space.