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Is it furniture, or is it sculpture? Sagitine wardrobe storage solutions brilliantly blur the boundaries between art and design. This season, the New York Stands reached all greater design heights with the new 20 Stand. Following on from the success of Shanghai Stand, this is Australia’s latest addition to the ‘shoe-box fraternity;’ a sophisticated storage solution which has been designed for a traditional NYC warehouse apartment where space is a squeeze. Available in black or white, The New York Stand is made from coated cardboard, a powder-coated aluminium stand and solid walnut top to stylishly to help you stylishly customise your cupboard.

Founder and Creative Director of Sagitine, Tina Clarke says ‘We wanted to modernise the traditional shoe rack with a sleek and contemporary vintage interpretation that will compliment a modern home or art deco space.’ 

Create a stylish tea-towel tower in the kitchen, layer your laundry or step back in time and enjoy a little retro- renaissance in the bathroom or office. Whatever your storage needs, The Sagitine New York Stand is easy to assemble and lets you organise your most cherished shoes, fab frocks, quality silks and happy socks. So take a bite of the big apple and tuck your treasures away for years to come.

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