Finally someone has done it... Beach pillows by CAIA


The thing that I have always wanted and needed... a beach pillow!!! Global lifestyle brand CAIA has launched their range of innovative and vibrant waterproof beach pillows in Australia - they are designed to bring easy and stylish comfort to the beach this Summer. 

Launched in 2012 overseas, CAIA was born from designer Ines Fortunato‚Äôs personal search for a beach pillow that would be not only practical, comfortable and resistant to the seaside elements, but also beautiful. Finding nothing on the market that met her needs, Fortunato developed an innovative and unique design of her own. 

With a strong focus on design, quality and endurance, these pillows are crafted from a waterproof plasticised-cotton cover and polyester stuffing and to ensure a lasting, watertight finish, the seams are fully-stitched. Each beach pillow comes with a practical, clip-on nautical rope, for ease of carrying anywhere you go.

The designs feature bold patterns and vibrant hues with a variety of exclusive designs that are sure to meet the taste of any beach-goer. 

My top picks are below... now it's time hit the beach!

Bali  - $34.90

Bali - $34.90

Arrow Grey  - $34.90

Arrow Grey - $34.90

Samburu  - $34.90

Samburu - $34.90

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