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With summer on its way and everyone gearing up to hit the beach what better time to discover the beautiful beach towel range FUTAH! Based in Portugal, Futah offers up an array of vibrant, carry-with-ease cotton beach towels that was born from a desire to create a towel that is “equal parts light, absorbent, resistant and unlike any other”.

Inspired by Turkish bath towels, Futah reinvigorated the traditional design, evolving the fabric composition and developing original and exclusive patterns and colours. Made from 100% Egyptian cotton, Futahs have a lightweight design making them not only compact and easily transportable, but supremely absorbent, fast-drying and resistant to salt water and high levels of sunshine.

Their latest collection entitles ‘All we need is Freedom’ has just launched in Australia and their inspiration behind the collection is freedom. They designed this latest collection for the free-spirited and bohemian, for whom summer is not just a season, but a year-round destination. And for all of us interiors addicts out there, our love of design and composition extends way beyond the insides of our homes, so having the most stylish towel on the beach is obviously a must! 

Freedom is what turns our life into an adventure and allows us to unearth new cultures, colours and patterns. It allows us to see the sun in different sizes, use sign language to communicate, and understand that laughter is the truest universal language. Accepting of what makes us different, freedom is what brings us together…. When we have that freedom, nothing else matters.”

Drawing inspiration from their home shores in Portugal, each towel is named after a beach in Portugal and is available in a range of colours and patterns. With designs ranging from vibrant shades and eclectic patterns to understated nautical stripes, and with styles in both single (100 x 190cm) and double (190 x 190) sizes, there is a Futah for everyone and every occasion.

So pack you bag and head to the beach with your new beach towel to soak up the sunshine, swim the ocean and enjoy all that life has to offer!

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