Launched as a contemporary alternative to typical baby and children’s fashion, NUNUNU was founded by co-designers Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg in 2009. Iris, a long time fashion stylist, and Tali, a creative director, were each on a break from their respective careers when a mutual friend introduced them. Both on the hunt for “the next big thing” their immediate connection was forged from a shared minimalist design aesthetic and collective love for fashion, design and functionality. NUNUNU was born from a shared desire to create a label devoid of the usual baby clichés; resulting in an integration of understated, urban design and high quality fabrics across a vast range of babies a children’s apparel, bedding and accessories.

Based in Israel, designers Iris and Tali, and the NUNUNU creative team moved into a newly built space in mid-2015. Designed by renowned architect Keren Milchberg, the huge loft space in Tel Aviv previously housed the local telephone company. Of the space’s origins, Iris and Tali muse “that’s also how we think of the clothes we create here – as communicative pieces, so this is the perfect home for us.”

Incorporating concrete floors and steel frames missed with warm wooden walls, the space has captured the quintessentially NUNUNU minimalist aesthetic and strikes a balance between industry and creativity. Accented with bold, industrial elements and an undeniable dark, grunge undercurrent, the space houses a small team of around a dozen. Featuring an outdoor garden and living room area to relax and decompress, the space’s flowing layout was designed to facilitate an open exchange of ideas.

Doubling as the label’s headquarters, where the collections are designed on site, and a shop-able space, NUNUNU’s Tel Aviv space houses the label’s inaugural physical retail store. Minimal, clean, comfortable and fun, Iris and Tali relate the space as an embodiment of the NUNUNU aesthetic and ethos – “Through our [designs] we radiate the spirit of our headquarters to the rest of the world... We’re proud of the company culture we’ve created, and we instill a little bit of that into every garment we make.”

All of their kids are a regular presence in the space. Almost every day, someone’s offspring will be found playing on the carpet, drawing in the conference room or chilling on the couch. They've planned it as a strategic move to have them around, because they can get instant, valuable feedback straight from their target demographic! What the team love hearing  the most is their children's input because they all have pretty good taste and strong opinions, especially on matters of comfort. 

Founders Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg

Founders Iris Adler and Tali Milchberg

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