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Designed and manufactured in Italy, The Multitap3N1™ is the latest and greatest instant hot water tap to come onto the market. Not only is it super convenient as it dispenses hot, steaming hot and cool water, it is also super stylish and the perfect addition to your kitchen! 

We had heard many great things about the Multitap3N1,  so when we were approached to review it of course we jumped at the chance. As we are currently in the middle of building our new house I unfortunately couldn’t install it in our kitchen, however my gorgeous sister in law Celeste was the lucky one and received a brand new Multitap3N1 (and yes, I’m totally jealous!) - read our review below!



The Multitap3N1 comes in three different shapes and two colours, meaning there is a style to suit everyone’s kitchen space. Celeste chose to install the classic ‘L shape’ in chrome to match her contemporary kitchen design and she couldn’t be happier with how it looks.

The Multitap has three clever functions in the one tap, cool, hot and steaming hot water - with the last function removing the need for a kettle on your bench, which free’s up valuable bench space and saves so much time, no more waiting for the kettle to boil!



Before deciding whether to have a MultiTap installed Celeste researched the under bench tank size - because as we all know, storage is always an issue in kitchens. She was very happy to find out that the tank has an extremely small foot print, it hangs on the internal wall of the under-sink cupboard, conserving as much space as possible - the unit size is approx. 310mm H x 157mm W x 206mm D.

The 2.5L tank capacity allows you to heat only what you need while conserving energy for environmental stewardship. The cupboard does not require ventilation as this is done through the spout which makes installing your Multitap3N1 hassle free and you can also adjust the heat settings, up to 98 degrees celsius.



With a toddler on the loose Celeste was interested in the safety features of the Multitap3N1 and we were both very happy to learn that the MultiTap has a built in safety mechanism. To access the steaming hot water you must use your left hand to push down on the lever and then pull it towards you, then as soon as you let go of the lever it flicks automatically back into the upright position stopping the flow of steaming hot water. An extra safety feature is that the flow of the steaming hot water is also at a much slower rate in comparison to the cold water.

Overall the Multitap3N1™ is super functional, stylishly designed and makes day to day life just that little bit easier!

For more info and specifications head to the Multitap3N1™ website here.

Source: Designed and manufactured in Italy, The ...

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Dorf’s bold mixed metals range is leading the way in bathware innovation – and right now, there’s no hotter trend in interiors than mixed metals.

For some time, various metals such as silver, gold and rose gold have often been paired with “flat hues” to create complementary schemes. However, in the last few years, designers have started to think outside of the box in order to come up with new, fresh design aesthetics, pairing differing metals together as they discard previous design “rules”.

According to experts, this new mixed metals’ trend will be one of the hottest elements in interiors for 2018 and is here to stay. Think rose gold vases on top of silver platters, brass hooks alongside silver edged picture frames, and even differing finishes combined into the one item such as a gold and silver mirror frame.

The Dorf range features a wide variety of tapware in the most progressive mixed metals finishes - such as black/rose gold, black/chrome, white/chrome, black/gold and black/copper. 

Dorf creates minimalist and cutting-edge products that strike the perfect balance between form and function and has established a reputation built upon innovative thinking and creative functional designs. Behind Dorf’s stylish aesthetics are leading edge technologies that have enhanced the functionality of all Dorf products.

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