An Apartment Mini Makeover that will have you feeling inspired!

Styling: Lucy Glade-Wright | Photography: Nikole Ramsay

Styling: Lucy Glade-Wright | Photography: Nikole Ramsay

Not everyone gets to share and live in a piece of Australian Architectural History, but that has been a reality for Hunting for George co-founder Lucy Glade-Wright. Lucy purchased one of only 8 apartments in this iconic 1940 Art Deco apartment block back in 2008. After a decade of very happy memories and newly completed renovations, her apartment is now on the market.

The heritage listed building is located in Armadale and was designed by architect Stuart Hall in 1940. More recently this unique block of flats has been privy to a makeover both inside and out. A fresh new external paint job returned the building to its former glory and a Palm Springs inspired garden now wraps around the curved block.

“I've always been drawn to Art Deco buildings, they have a certain romance to them. It is a much loved building in Armadale and known by many of the locals. It has been so wonderful to hear positive feedback on its restoration from locals. People seem to feel a close attachment to this building, even those who don't live here. It's quite special in that way.” Lucy Glade-Wright


Inside, Lucy has transformed the interiors of her apartment with an overall modern coastal theme to reflect the Palm Springs aesthetic of the garden. With the apartment already consisting of ‘great bones’ there was little structural changes that were made. Instead, Lucy focused on cosmetic changes namely new window furnishings to accentuate the gorgeous curves of the building, replacing light fixtures and painting all internal walls to enhance the amazing natural light in the space.

The hub of the home is most definitely the living room as it connects you to the kitchen, courtyard and hallway. Towards the back of the apartment sit 2 bedrooms and bathroom, the apartment then extends further with access to an incredible rooftop for outdoor entertaining with clear views of the city.

And now this iconic apartment in Armadale is on the market!


A little big of history: The properties that now exist on Lalbert Crescent were once part of the extensive grounds of a mansion of the same name, that was built in 1880 for C.J. Ham. Following his death in 1909 the estate was progressively subdivided into suburban allotments.

As the demand for housing became greater, the development of flats increased, but there was fear that these residential flats were going to ruin the character of the suburb. So to counter the criticism, leading architects were employed to design these apartment blocks so as not to upset the local residents or ruin the charm of the area. Stuart Hall was employed to design this building which was completed in 1940. He designed quite a number of flat developments in St Kilda, South Yarra and Armadale during the inter-war period. His designs are all in the Moderne style, sometimes with Jazz or Art Deco detailing.


Real Reno - Deborah Hutton's new look 'Beach Hutt'





It’s hard to imagine contrast as a stylistic theme of an almost exclusively white home, but for media personality Deborah Hutton’s newly renovated forever beach house, it can be seen in every detail through the use of light and shadows. 

Affectionately known as ‘The Beach Hutt’ in reference to the nickname ‘The Hutt’ given to her by a close friend, the beautiful two storey property on Sydney’s eastern coastline is one that only Deborah could have designed. 

“My home has been a passion project for the last 10 months and I have created the beach house of my dreams, not just a house at the beach. When I look at it I see elements of my grandparents’ traditional weatherboard Queenslander, a beach house I used to own, the Hamptons style I’ve fallen in love with and so much more. I’ve really poured my heart and soul into it,” says Deborah.

The moment you turn the corner onto Deborah’s quiet coastal cul-de-sac, the brilliant white home stands out in contrast to the yellows and browns of the neighbouring properties. The home captures the brightness of the location while creating interest with a slowly shifting play of light created by Linea Weatherboard by Scyon Walls which is used around the full façade of the home. 

“One of my first big decisions was choosing Linea Weatherboard. I had this vision of the light and shadow effect you see in coastal and Hamptons houses, so when I saw the Linea Weatherboards at the Sydney Home Show and found out they were more durable than timber and needed less touch ups I knew I wanted them for my home. I’ve added stone cladding in soft greys to the front and the natural shapes and texture of the rock contrast against the uniform straight lines of the weatherboard really well. It’s a look that runs through the home, creating a flow from the outside in,” she adds.





















“The house feels more like home than it ever did because I’ve had so much input. The layout of the fireplace, windows and furniture comes from a beach house I used to own. It’s the space I had laid out in my mind first and I ordered my oversized three seater sofas from America a year in advance, even though everyone warned me it would be a nightmare, it was fine. The same goes for the Ralph Lauren lights that hang over the kitchen bench - the wait was worth it.” 

 “I think I’ve made more than a pretty house. While I love how it looks, it’s the way the home is tailor made to my memories, my interests and my lifestyle, even down to the name, that makes it special to me. From the moment I see the Linea Weatherboard gleaming in the sun and the palm trees moving in the wind I know it’s the home I want to come home to.”

For more information about Deborah Hutton’s renovation journey, visit Renovation Rookie by Deborah Hutton at


Why these 6 colours are trending in interior spaces…


Brought to you by Kaboodle Kitchens

Kitchen trends are ever changing, there is always a new colour, a new product, a new design that is taking the interiors world by storm. So how do you keep up to date with what’s new and current in the global design world? Kaboodle kitchen has launched its latest trends range, and it covers everything you need to know for a modern and timeless kitchen design.

Introducing six new colours to its collection of doors and panels, the range features matt black, smoked grey, a rich green, deep navy and two concrete looks.

Bold kitchen colours have made headlines in the interior design world with designers and consumers alike making brave choices for that stand out kitchen. Kaboodle’s Vivid Basil is a rich green that brings out an eclectic elegance. The perfect choice for those who like bold design, have a passion for striking interiors and want to make a statement.

Over the past few months I have seen green pop up in kitchen designs in various shades, from pastel and mint, to neon and forest – it’s a colour that can work in many settings.



Another interior colour that’s making waves is navy – the perfect choice for an elegant but bold look. Kaboodle’s Bluepea is a dark and inky navy blue, the perfect alternative to black or charcoal if you are wanting to take a step away from the safety of neutral tones. Team your navy cabinetry with a patterned tile for a modern edge, or keep it minimal with sleek stone-look bench tops and a matching splashback.

My favourite kitchen look for navy cabinetry is pairing it with a marble bench top and touches of brass, a super luxe look but still very classic overall.



A huge trend that seems to be here to stay is black – and that’s exactly what I’ve chosen for my own new kitchen - I’ve been waiting to design a black kitchen for so long! Black is the perfect choice for those wanting to take their kitchen to the next level and stand out from the crowd, and using a matt black will make even more of a statement.

A modern and minimalist option is Kaboodle’s new Molasses V - it is the perfect choice for lovers of monochrome design, and is made even more impressive with its anti-fingerprint technology and soft touch matt finish. Forever timeless, black never fails to make a striking statement.



Grey is trending in a huge way … and it looks like it’s here to stay. The great thing about grey is that there are literally 100’s of greys to choose from, which can be great but also daunting.  So if you’re after a modern/industrial feel with a textured and tactile finish that is perfectly on trend, try Kaboodle’s Light Truffle. This industrial textured look demands attention thanks to its raw finish and modern aesthetic, giving the impression of real concrete. If you feel as though grey could be a little bit too ‘cool’ in tone for you, pair it with natural finishes, such as timber bench-tops to warm it up and add a tactile element.

And for those lovers of grey, another trend-driven look is the ever popular ‘Scandi’! Pale grey is classic, refined and super on trend in the kitchen design world. Kaboodle’s Smoked Grey is versatile, timeless, contemporary and also offers a very sleek finish that can be adjusted to suit your level of ‘scandi’.

Go full on scandi vibes with white bench-tops and pale white washed floors, or for just a hint use deeper tones with your grey to anchor it and create depth.



Luxury is always trending, especially in the design world. To achieve a luxurious look and feel in the kitchen, try Kaboodle’s new Dark Truffle, a dark concrete shade complete with a unique textured look. Add a touch of luxury with its smokey velvety undertones and pair it with whites, light timbers, subtle grey or metallic for an especially modern finish.

I am a lover of dark cabinetry in the right space – if you are thinking of designing a darker kitchen, ensure you have enough natural light to balance the cabinetry, and ensure that your surrounding features such as wall colour and flooring will complement it.



Impress at home and make a statement in the kitchen with these new, contemporary, design-forward cabinetry shades.  Explore the new range at

Source: Kaboodle kitchen has launched its latest ...

Kustom Timber has opened it's doors in the heart of South Yarra...

Kustom Timber Immerse_Bluestone Lane_0 9_Simon Shiff_.jpg


Premium engineered timber flooring company Kustom Timber has opened it’s second Melbourne showroom– a pop up version in the heart of South Yarra. 

Launching in line with the release of Kustom Timber’s exclusive new ranges – Como, Habitat, Immerse, Studio and Outback - customers to the South Yarra showroom will be privy to a first look at these unique and innovative new oak flooring products. Specially designed and produced to offer ‘something for everyone’, the new ranges include products suited to high end homes, right through to apartment ranges and more.

Kustom Timber Immerse_Nordic Blonde_0 19_Simon Shiff_.jpg
Kustom Timber Immerse__Highland Cattle_0 1_Simon Shiff_.jpg


Kustom Timber Director Mark Chaz says they’re thrilled to be opening a collaborative pop up space in line with their new range releases.

“We’re very excited to be popping up in one of Melbourne’s premier suburbs. This boutique showroom will give us the opportunity to introduce both existing customers and new clients to our new ranges, whilst giving them holistic inspiration thanks to a space that mixes hard interior finishes with furniture and art.”

“Our new ranges have been carefully planned to offer clients practical yet stunning solutions for all types of properties – whether it’s high rise developments or million dollar homes,” he added.



Launched in Melbourne in 2013 by business partners Mark Chaz and Tristan Tiller, Kustom Timber has spent the last five years building a strong reputation amongst Melbourne’s boutique builders and renovators alike. Unlike their competitors, Kustom Timber provides a full service offering, from product supply to install, right through to maintenance and aftercare.

The Kustom Timber South Yarra Pop Up

439 Chapel Street, South Yarra

Monday - Friday 9am – 5pm | Saturday 10am - 4pm |

Sunday 10am - 2pm

Source: Premium Melbourne flooring company Kustom ...

The Home Renovation Boom Continues...

Source - Mim Design Studio

Source - Mim Design Studio



2018 is on track to be another solid year for home renovations, with half of homeowners on Houzz Australia planning to renovate their home.

Renovation activity and spend was strong in 2017, with over 50 per cent of homeowners renovating their homes, at a median spend of $25,000. Repeat homebuyers invest the most in home renovations at a median spend of $30,000, followed at a distance by long-term owners and first time homebuyers with $22,000 and $15,000 median spend, respectively.

Kitchens topped the list of interior updates for renovation frequency in 2017, with more than a quarter of renovating homeowners tackling kitchens, followed by living/family rooms, bedrooms, master bathrooms and laundries.

Kitchens were also the most expensive room to renovate, with a median spend of $20,000 for a large kitchen (more than 10 square metres), followed by large master bathrooms (more than five square metres) at a median spend of $13,000.

Source - Tecture

Source - Tecture

Source - Taylor Knights Architects

Source - Taylor Knights Architects


"All of the evidence from our research points to 2018 likely being another robust year for the home improvement industry,” says Nino Sitchinava, Ph.D., Houzz principal economist. “Recent buyers and long-term homeowners alike are keen on investing in major projects like kitchens and bathrooms and they’re validated by the value these projects have brought to their homes."

While improving a home’s design or functionality are the top considerations during renovations, increasing the home’s resale value is an important renovation consideration for nearly half of renovating homeowners. In fact, eight in 10 homeowners believe their renovation had a positive impact on home value and nearly half of homeowners believe that their home value has increased by at least the full amount of the project cost post-renovation.

Source - Heartly Design Studio

Source - Heartly Design Studio

Source - FIGR Architecture

Source - FIGR Architecture


Houzz is the leading platform for home renovation and design, providing people with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish – online or from a mobile device. From decorating a small room to building a custom home and everything in between, Houzz connects millions of homeowners, home design enthusiasts and home improvement professionals across the country and around the world.

With the largest residential design database in the world and a vibrant community empowered by technology, Houzz is the easiest way for people to find inspiration, get advice, find products and hire the professionals they need to help turn their ideas into reality.

For more information, visit

Source - Austin Design Associates

Source - Austin Design Associates

Source - Kustom Timber

Source - Kustom Timber

Source: 2018 is on track to be another solid year ...

Renovating - how to keep your budget healthy!


Renovating everyone’s talking about it. You turn on the TV and there’s a show about it on every channel. You scroll through your Instagram feed and yep, everyone is renovating! So how do people find the time, the inspiration and most importantly the money to start the process of renovating their home?

I’m going to share my top tips for succeeding with your renovation and how to do it within your budget, which is 100% the hardest part of renovating. Having renovated several houses, some a quick face lift and some literally starting from scratch again, I have learnt many things and finding ways to save money has been the most beneficial. Renovating can be an expensive exercise - but with some guidance and helpful knowledge it doesn’t have to break the bank.

NAB have a super helpful online resource called the Life Moments Hub which is literally a source for finding your way through life’s unpredictable moments - just because life is unpredictable, your finances don’t have to be. 



1 - Do as much as you can yourself 

You’re probably thinking, ‘easy for her to say when her partner is a builder’ and yes, that has meant that we have been able to do incredible things and some things that others couldn’t on the same budget but that doesn’t mean you that you still can’t do a lot of it yourselves. There are some incredible resources for learning skills to aid you in tackling your renovation in a DIY fashion.  Use blogs, google, YouTube, the staff at Bunnings, your father in law, or your chippie friend, to gather as much knowledge as possible. And you will be surprised at how much knowledge and skill your friends and family have, so ask around and even ask for a day’s help here and there… your mates will love helping in exchange for a slab!

2 - Shop around

If you love it, don’t buy it…just yet! It’s so easy to fall into the trap of buying things on the spot because you love it…. ALWAYS shop around, as in most cases you will find that exact item somewhere else for a cheaper price. This is especially the case for interior fittings and fixtures - the main items to always shop around for are: carpet, tiles, floor coverings, light fittings and tap ware.

3 - Do your research 

The most important aspect of any renovation is to be prepared with as much knowledge as possible. This is true for every single part of the renovation journey - what are you planning to do? How are you going to do it? What trades will you need? Do you need council approval? do you need plans and permits? and how long do you estimate it will take? Make a plan, plan a timeline, a schedule and LISTS before you start.

4 - Get several quotes 

Always get at least three quotes for everything, especially trades and you will be amazed at the savings you can make. 



5 - Be prepared

Depending on the extent of the renovation you plan to undertake try to be as prepared as possible. When you have trades coming to quote, try and have your plans mapped out as clearly as possible to ensure that you’re using everyone’s time efficiently. If you know your plumber is coming, ensure you have all your tap ware on site as neither of you want them coming back another day to finish the job because you couldn’t decide on black or chrome.

6 - Don’t get too excited and pick all the trends you see on Instagram

This saying applies for all sorts of things across your renovation! For example, if you are renovating your bathroom, do you really need 3 or 4 different tiles for the space? NO. This not only costs you more money in purchasing costs, it also costs a fortune more in tiling costs, mitering the edges of those bevelled edge, handmade, hexagon tiles you saw on Instagram means HOURS more work for your tiler, equating to an expensive bill! Before you go out shopping, know your style, pick your colour palette and don’t go over your budget.



7 - Do you really need it?  

This tip is following on from the above, just because someone else has it, does it mean that you really need it? So often we see beautiful images online and want that for ourselves, but if you’re renovating on a budget sometimes it’s necessary to go without, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style, aesthetic or quality. Know your style and stick with it - you can’t go wrong. For example, a huge saving can be made in your bathroom by removing ‘the double basin’ - how often are two people both needing to use the basin at the exact same time? One basin means one set of tap ware, one basin, one mirror and a considerably cheaper plumbing bill.

8 - What can you live without for now?

If you’re nearing the end of your renovation and money is getting tight, try to only spend on the necessities and the less important things can wait until your budget is a little healthier. A few examples of ways to finish your reno without anyone else knowing it’s not 100% complete. Pendants can wait, get all your main lighting such as downlights in and bring the electrician back in a few months to fit off your pendants when you have saved enough to purchase them. Hold off on luxuries such as sheer curtains if you also have blinds. You can have the blinds installed for now and wait a little for the sheers. New furniture - you can probably live with your old furniture in your new house for a little while. I know it’s not ideal when you want to be surrounded by stunning items in the home you have slaved over, but if it’s choosing between landscaping your garden over a new couch, I would always choose having a gorgeous garden first!



This article is a NAB paid promotion and was written in collaboration with NAB. As always, all opinions are my own.

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How to make a grand entrance... Interior Designer Sally Caroline gives her top tips


With a focus on making a great first impression, Corinthian Doors has added several fresh styles to its Blonde Oak Entrance collection.

Interior designer, Sally Klopper of Sally Caroline Interior Design says, “The Blonde Oak Collection has been created with purity in mind; the ability to develop a single, unified theme throughout your home. This visual consistency is crucial to interior design as it reflects a sense of calm - in turn, giving your home a more refined finish. The versatility of the new range means it can be adapted to honour any home style, now or in the future. The quality craftsmanship and materials mean that your door will look great now and can be refinished to create a new appearance if you choose to renovate.”

Here Sally opens the door to some of her favourite looks and how a front door can really make an entrance.

Corinthian_City_Corinthian Doors Blonde Oak AWO5VG Opaque Glass - Prices start at $834 for a 2040(H) x 820(W) x 40(T)mm  (price may vary by state).jpg



Forget fussy fashions, ‘less is more’ has become a universal design concept. This look is typified by refined simple lines, quality finishes, neutral colours and clean-cut edges. Corinthian’s City pivot door adorns an almost sparse exterior, using vertical glass panels to give the illusion of height and a rich brown shade to the door becomes the understated focal point of a modern home.

“People are often drawn to minimalist interior style for its effortless simplicity, but it’s actually the contrast of tones, proportions and lighting that make the look. Try experimenting with different glass panelling to cast defining shadows in your entrance, and if architecturally equipped, choose a pivot door for a bolder opening to the home.”

Corinthian_Country_Corinthian Doors Blonde Oak AWO 21 Clear Glass - Prices start at $466 for a 2040(H) x 820(W) x 40 (T)mm  (price may vary by state).jpg


Modern Country:

Modern country inspired homes reflect a sense of warmth and light, by marrying warm colours like creamy whites and chestnut browns, defined by strong timber accents throughout the home.

“The Corinthian Blonde Oak door collection has a true Country style offering. The American White Oak veneer frame harmonises with a beautiful stone facade creating a seamless experience as you walk through the door. An open panel of clear glass allows light to fill the entrance, creating a cosy atmosphere in the home. Alternatively, frosted glass offers privacy for homes with direct visibility of the interior”.

Corinthian_Coastal_Corinthian Doors Blonde Oak AWO5G Opaque Glass - Prices start at $486 for a 2040(H) x 820(W) x 40(T)mm  (price may vary by state).jpg



More than just a style, the coastal look is a way of life. Everything from the weatherboard, to the doors and windows take their aesthetic cues from the coastline and sunny skies.

“Corinthian’s Blonde Oak Coastal doors reflect the beautiful Australian shoreline. The sandy colours of the door embody the natural landscape, while horizontal panels accentuate the shadow lines of the weatherboard. For a twist – try making a statement with a blue base stained door, drawing upon tones the sea and sky.”

Corinthian Blonde Oak Collection is available from all good reseller stores across Australia. For further information please visit

Source: With a focus on making a great first ...

Top tips to achieve the perfect lighting for your family home...


A dated 1920s Californian Bungalow, located in Glen Iris, Victoria, has been transformed into a Nordic inspired, blush-toned wonderland, in five short months. The norsuHOME, built by Nat from norsu Interiors and her husband Dan, is a family home that exudes visual design and practicality, whilst meeting the needs of a young family.

Photographer Stu Morley | Stylist Beck Simons

Photographer Stu Morley | Stylist Beck Simons

Photographer Lisa Cohen

Photographer Lisa Cohen


When it comes to lighting plans and design, Nat from norsu worked closely with Gerard Lighting to find the perfect balance between architectural design and practical application for family living. “Lighting shouldn’t be seen as just a mere necessity; instead it’s an important design process in achieving the overall mood and feeling of a home,” says Nat.

“Gerard Lighting’s extensive range and their expert advice enabled us to create a carefully thought out lighting plan that met all of our objectives,” continues Nat.


Photographer Stu Morley

Photographer Stu Morley

Photographer Stu Morley

Photographer Stu Morley


Starting with interior lighting, it’s important to create a signature statement about your individual style with a carefully curated range of feature lighting. The home features Pierlite Litelux Opticolour LED Downlights, which have the ability to change colour temperature when dimmed and Pierlite Astara Real Ambient Sunset Dim LED Downlights, allowing the user to “colour shift” the light output for a balance between visual comfort and ambience.

Today’s modern technology now allows for smart home connectivity – making life easier with lighting control solutions. Being able to operate lighting by remote control helps to create a home that is more energy efficient, secure and satisfying. Offering state-of the-art simplicity, Gerard Lighting suggested the Diginet Sitara Lighting Control system for the norsuHOME. The homeowners can personalise the way they control their lighting via their smartphone or tablet, whether it be setting different lighting levels in a range of rooms, choosing lighting moods or having lights turn on to simulate occupancy whilst they’re away.


Photographer Lisa Cohen

Photographer Lisa Cohen

Photographer Lisa Cohen | Stylist Beck Simons

Photographer Lisa Cohen | Stylist Beck Simons


“We have two young children and having the ability and luxury to turn lights on and off remotely were extremely appealing to us. Our children are still at the age where they are at times frightened by the dark, so the Diginet Sitara wireless feature allows us to control the dimming of their lights from the comfort of our sofa,” says Nat.

“We can also utilise the timer feature to ensure we’re being sustainably conscious once they’re asleep. Being able to turn on the lights at night wirelessly before entering the home ensures we always feel safe. Additionally, we love the colour coding of the switches knowing we can quickly identify the right light the first time and it also helps the little ones,” 

"Gerard Lighting also made invaluable recommendations such as the Diginet Smart Scan Sensor MKII to control LED strip lighting in the bathroom and laundry, ensuring a safe passage for the children during the night,” says Nat.


Source: When it comes to lighting plans and ...

A builder is just a builder right? 

Nexus Homes

Nexus Homes

What you need to know about choosing a builder with Director of Nexus Home Improvements, Matt Keogh.


Customer experience is the biggest factor when choosing a builder. You aren’t just purchasing products, you are purchasing a home, your home - something in which to make your life better! Therefore your builder should always make the building process enjoyable for both of you by focusing on providing a premium customer experience as well as a premium product.  

Choose a builder that is suitably experienced. This helps to ensure that there are no costly mistakes made along the way and that you can put your complete trust into them, knowing that you will receive your dream home at the end of the process.

Choose a builder who you feel comfortable with, it's important to be working with someone that will follow your instruction if need be.

Nexus Homes

Nexus Homes


How did you find this builder? A lot of quality builders will source their work through referrals and word of mouth, so speak to your friends, look online, read reviews, can they show you current examples of their work, where was the last house they built? 

Big - but not too big is important. Ideally it’s best to deal with a boutique company where the director or owner will personally work on your project - they will have a support system of supervisors, trades and designers that will assist with the day to day running of your project.

Nexus Homes

Nexus Homes


Based in Perth, Western Australia, Nexus Home Improvements complete Second Storey Additions, Home Renovations, House Extensions and Custom Designer Homes. Their attention to detail in build quality, design and finish, coupled with modern building techniques ensure that they stand out from the crowd and that their projects are second to none. 

Nexus Homes Improvements major focus is on creating the optimum customer experience through good design, thoughtful consideration of client requirements, expectations and budget. Part of this involves having a skilled and enthusiastic team of designers and trades people, coupled with careful planning to minimise variations and really listening to what you want!

Nexus Homes

Nexus Homes


Building with Nexus you are always in contact with a director which allows for organised communication throughout your building process.

Something that we love about Nexus is their Prefab 'pods'. They are a super modern ‘pod’ addition which contrasts perfectly against the traditional and/or original facade of your home. The ‘pod’ addition is a modular extension, which in basic terms means it is pre-made and finished offsite and then craned into place (scroll down for progress pics), this allows for a faster build time, less chaos at your home over an extended period of time and it’s obviously just pretty amazing! 

Nexus Homes

Nexus Homes

Nexus Homes

Nexus Homes

Source: Customer experience is the biggest factor ...

3 steps to coat your deck - long weekend DIY!


The Easter Long Weekend is here, therefore it's the prime-time for home improvements and outdoor entertaining. So why not tackle those odd jobs and DIY tasks around the home that you have been putting off!

Just in time for the 4 day weekend Cabot’s have released a decking product called the 'Finish in 1 Day system' - turning what is usually a six-week gruelling and time consuming process into a one-day job, yes ONE DAY! This fantastic new product means long-term updates are now much faster, giving you more time for outdoor lounging and entertaining on your fresh deck!

There is a 'Step by Step guide' below as well as a super helpful 'how to' video!


Step 1

Take your Cabot’s New Timber Prep and apply it evenly to the boards with your Cabot’s Deck Prep Scrubbing Brush.

New Timber Prep imitates the exact effects of weathering, by drawing out the timber’s tannins and oils. 

After 15 minutes, rinse away the residue with a hose, leaving the surface ready for coating.


Step 2

Immediately clean the timber with Cabot’s Deck Clean.

Cabot’s Deck Clean should be mixed with water (1:4 parts) and applied to the timber’s surface using a bristle brush, like Cabot’s Deck Prep Scrubbing Brush.

After 20 minutes, it should be rinsed off with a high-pressure hose.


Step 3

Once the deck is dry, it is ready for coating.

Stir the Cabot’s Aquadeck to ensure that the colour is well mixed and even.Start by carefully cutting in around the edges of the deck with a paintbrush. Apply oil to three or four boards at a time using the Cabot’s Deck Coat Applicator.

Always work along the whole length of a board to a natural break to prevent patchy results.

Allow 1 hour to dry for the first coat and then reapply.

Source: The Easter Long Weekend is here, ...

Thinking of updating your space with Wallpaper? Check out these Wallpaper Tips from Luxe Walls...

Light Grey Wood Panels.jpg

Top Tips for incorporating colour into your space with Wallpaper!


Choosing wallpaper can be a little overwhelming with so many available options, but if you stick to these top tips from Luxe Walls you are guaranteed to create wall coverings that you love looking at.

Before you can decide on the perfect wallpaper, you need to consider the style of the room. Is the wallpaper going in a traditional or contemporary space? What is the purpose of the room - a casual or formal living area or a quiet place for rest and relaxation. Are you wanting to create impact with a feature wall, or wallpaper all walls in a room with an overall pattern. The look you want to achieve will be different depending on your answers to the above questions and so too will your wallpaper choices.

Floral Bouquet Wallpaper (1).jpg

Formal spaces lend themselves to stripes, traditional florals and damask patterns, where bolder patterns such as geometrics look fabulous in rooms with a contemporary feel. Bedrooms are the perfect place for your personality to shine through, but remember they are the place of rest so stick to calming colours and patterns.

With seasonal change upon us, new colour trends are appearing to excite and inspire. Gone are the bright colours of summer -  instead we are being tempted with earthy shades, sage greens, warm neutrals and shades of red and orange. These brighter colours are being mixed with warm neutrals to create shades of terracottas, a new favourite of the season. Grey greens are another key player for Autumn 2018. To create coziness, combine terracottas, rusts and warm neutrals to your grey greens for an autumnal feel.

Moody Floral Wallpaper.jpg

At Luxe Walls, we see many trends come and go, and a couple that are shining at the moment are florals and wood panelling. Florals can change the vibe of the room depending on the colour and size of the blooms and we can modify your pattern size depending on the look you want to achieve. A small delicate pattern works well for wallpapering a complete room and gives a subtle visual to your walls, especially in soft greys . Alternatively, an enlarged floral pattern creates impact and works better as a feature wall.

Pink Wood Panel Wallpaper.jpg

Wood panelling is another on trend wallpaper at the moment, with many requests being received for our Wood Panel wallpaper in a variety of colours. At Luxe Walls, we can customise your artwork choice. We can match any pantone colour, change the size of a pattern and even alter the width of wood panels.

Wallpaper is a versatile wall covering option and the perfect way to personalise and create interest to the walls in your home. Whether you are choosing to follow seasonal trends, or following  your own creativity, with over 100 million images, Luxe Walls has you covered.

Oriental Floral Wallpaper.jpg
Source: Choosing wallpaper can be a little ...

Ultra Violet - Pantone's 2018 colour of the year... what do you think?


We all love finding out what Pantone's colour of the year will be - and this year it had everyone talking more than ever!

18-3838 ULTRA VIOLET is the colour and Pantone has said  "Inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come." 


Complex and contemplative, Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now. The vast and limitless night sky is symbolic of what is possible and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own.

Enigmatic purples have also long been symbolic of counterculture, unconventionality, and artistic brilliance. Musical icons Prince, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix brought shades of Ultra Violet to the forefront of western pop culture as personal expressions of individuality. Nuanced and full of emotion, the depth of PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet symbolizes experimentation and non-conformity, spurring individuals to imagine their unique mark on the world, and push boundaries through creative outlets.

Historically, there has been a mystical or spiritual quality attached to Ultra Violet. The colour is often associated with mindfulness practices, which offer a higher ground to those seeking refuge from today’s over-stimulated world. The use of purple-toned lighting in meditation spaces and other gathering places energises the communities that gather there and inspire connection. 

Source: Pantone has announced it's 2018 colour of ...

Exterior Paint Trends 2018...


The end of 2017 is soooo close, 10 sleeps close to be precise... so it's time to start looking to the new year and what trends will be flooding our screens and pages. 

For our first trend report of 2018 let's talk about exteriors! The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior, however it sometimes gets forgotten about, neglected or just left until last, and it's time that changed.

The exterior of your home is the first thing people see when they visit you, it's the first thing you see when you arrive home and it gives everyone an idea of what they can find inside... So whether it's cute and quaint, modern and bold or minimalist and refined, it's time to bring your exterior into 2018 and the easiest way to do that, is with paint!

BLACK & WHITE -  Via #houseonthompson

BLACK & WHITE - Via #houseonthompson

MONOCHROME - keep it traditional with white and add a touch of modernity by adding black accents.

TAUPE & WHITE -  From Casa Haus

TAUPE & WHITE - From Casa Haus

SOFT NEUTRALS - always a classic choice, and one that will stand the test of time. 

CHARCOAL & WHITE -  Via Pinterest

CHARCOAL & WHITE - Via Pinterest

GO BOLD - darker hues will be huge in 2018. We love this look, try it by choosing a dark charcoal as your main colour and lighten the overall look by adding a contrasting colour, such as white.  

PALE GREY & WHITE -  Via Dulux


BEACHY - pale grey is always a winner and it's not going anywhere! Pair it with white for a relaxed coastal feel.

WHITE ON WHITE - Via Pinterest

WHITE ON WHITE - Via Pinterest

TRADITIONAL - white on white will always hail supreme. Adding a coloured door will add your own personal touch.

WHITE & NATURAL TIMBER -  Via Topolgy Studio

WHITE & NATURAL TIMBER - Via Topolgy Studio

NATURAL ELEMENTS - add a natural material against your paint for contrast and wow factor. 

Source: Exterior Colour trends 2018

You’ve renovated your dream home, now it’s time to insure it…


As a renovator, the partner of a builder, home owner, landlord and interiors enthusiast, I deeply value the importance of stunning architecture, quality building work and interior design. From my years of experience in the design and building industry I know how much blood, sweat and tears goes into creating a beautiful home for yourself, whether you have designed and built it from a patch of dirt, gutted and renovated a home you have purchased or, if you have completed cosmetic upgrades to a home you have bought to make it your own and put your stamp on it. Regardless of how you did it, this home brings you joy and protecting this home and the happiness it brings you is so important.

When designing and renovating I pour my heart and soul into every single aspect; from the initial sketches, to floor-plans, choosing each and every fitting and fixture, hard surfaces, furniture selection to finding the perfect backyard pieces. Once these ideas, plans, processes and hard work are realised, it’s time to remember the importance of insuring the dream home you have created!

And that’s where RACV comes in…


RACV home insurance covers you for those unfortunate events that may happen to your home. It is a name you know and trust and a company who looks after its members’ interests. They offer a range of products to ensure that you are covered for just about everything that life throws at you and at your house! One of the key features I love is the automatic new for old replacement cover. It covers your belongings if they’re stolen or damaged, even if you leave a window or door open and there’s no sign of forced entry.


If you want to go a step further to protecting your beloved home, RACV offers a range of Home Security plans – and let’s be honest, your home is the biggest purchase that the most of us will ever make, so why wouldn’t we take that extra measure to protect it? From high quality CCTV systems, to smart security systems, security monitoring and patrols – RACV will tailor a solution to suit every family’s needs. Fun Fact - having a home alarm system could actually reduce your home insurance premium!

Now, we all know that life can and will throw curve balls at us, like a broken kitchen tap when you have a dinner party about to start or a burst water pipe in the middle of the night. And that’s where RACV’s Emergency Home Assist comes in to save the day. It’s a fast response service for common plumbing, electrical and lock out emergencies and it has 24/7 coverage with no out of hours’ surcharges. You can also feel safe knowing that you will always receive a qualified tradesperson at your door step within the hour.


Now after all this talk of renovating, dream homes and insurance… it’s time for a competition!!! Who wants to WIN $10,000 towards a home makeover, courtesy of RACV?!

The competition is open to all Victorians - Either go in-store or online here before October 31st to be in the running!

I have received a financial reward from RACV entity for this blog post.  The statements and opinions contained in this post are my own and not those of RACV entity or the issuer of RACV Home Insurance, Insurance Manufacturers of Australia ABN 93 004 208 084 AFS Licence No. 227678.

RACV Home Insurance is issued by Insurance Manufacturers of Australia Pty Limited ABN 93 004 208 084 AFS Licence No. 227678. Please consider the Product Disclosure Statement before buying. For a copy call 13 RACV (13 7228).


Embrace Spring & Summer trends with removable wall paper...

Floral Watercolour Wallpaper.jpg

The weather is warming up and the coats are going back in the cupboard - finally the feeling of spring is in the air. But this seasonal change isn’t just tied to the weather - it's also the perfect time to add some spring love into your home with Luxe Walls removable wall paper... how stunning is the floral print above? Bedroom feature wall anyone?

Fluffy Cloud Wallpaper.jpg

And your wall paper is up, add finishing touches to your space with on trend accessories and tactile soft furnishings to tie your wall coverings in with the rest of your room and add depth to your new look. Follow high street fashion for a bold look and use accessories in a pink/red combination, plants will transform the feel of your room, whilst paying homage to the botanical trends, or keep it soft with a blush throw and geometric cushions.

Floral Bouquet Wallpaper.jpg

Luxe Walls offers three different textures to print on: ● Luxe Canvas - Removable Wallpaper ● Luxe Linen - Repositionable at installation ● Luxe Crushed Stone - Repositionable at installation

And at $79 per square meter, Luxe Walls wallpaper is an affordable way to add impact.

Luxe Walls is the leader in removable, reusable, self-adhesive wallpaper. They offer thousands of high quality images which can be printed on our wallpaper and used to transform your home, business, corporation or event or even upload your own image to give it an extra personal touch.

-Exotic Leaves Wallpaper.jpg

“We are seeing a huge following of the Tropicana trend at the moment, and on the flip side, a love for the softer tones, especially in the Blush hue. Mix this tone with botanicals and you have a real winner”

“Another popular trend right now are florals, especially when featured with dark moody backgrounds. These contemporary Renaissance masterpieces will create drama and impact in any room!” says Julia Hill, Director of Luxe Walls.

Moonshine Wallpaper.jpg


Renovating... 5 things I'd do differently next time


1 - Carpet - I wasn't happy with my carpet choice after a few months of living with it. 

- Choose the right carpet for your space by really thinking about how much foot traffic there will be - some carpets pile can flatten in high traffic areas.

- Choose a colour/pattern that you love but that is also practical for your home and family.

- Go to as many different shops as possible and check out their ranges.

- Take samples home for a few days so you can look at them at different times of the day and in different light.

- Ensure that you are happy with what material it is made of - wool, nylon, wool blends etc.

2 - Window Furnishings - I wish I had put in pelmets above every window in our upstairs level.

- Take the time during planning to choose your window furnishings before you start renovating or building to save the headaches when installation comes around.

- This way you will know whether you need pelmets above your windows (if you want to conceal your blinds), what type of window frames will work best for your design and how the windows opening will affect your blinds/curtains.

3 - Shower Niches - I went for a bevelled edge tile which negatively affected the look of my shower niche.

- If you are after a clean and modern looking bathroom then a shower niche (tiled built in shower shelves) is your go to. 

- Aluminium strips are not ideal as edging - always avoid this if possible. 

- Beware of bevelled edges, round shapes, small mosaics and fragile stone tiles - any of these can really throw a spanner in your works when creating a niche as they can be hard for the tiler to cut and grout as an edge, which is where to dreaded aluminium strip comes in.

4 - Lighting - Be careful when following trends - we changed our minds last minute and had to rewire which costs money, takes time and creates mess.

- Pendant lights are so hot right now and are featuring everywhere from bedrooms to bathrooms to kitchens and dining rooms.

- Choose carefully to ensure that you will still love your light in years to come. 

- Be brave - you don't have to do what everyone else is doing.

- Give your electrician a really thought out and precise plan before he starts - and if they are super nice maybe they can do some back up wiring in your walls/ceiling in case you change your mind from 1-2 lights, the positioning and things like that. 

5 - Precise Plumbing Planning - We put in our bath drain before choosing the bath - not ideal!

- If possible always choose ALL your bathroom pieces that need to be plumbed in before your plumber starts roughing it in (plumber speak for putting all the pipes etc in the correct spots).

- The worst case scenario if you don't do this is that you end up with taps/spouts/buttons that don't align with your bath/vanity/toilet - which isn't great aesthetically or for functionality.

If you need any more advice or tips please comment below.

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Woods & Warner...


Sydney based interior design company, Woods & Warner brilliantly blur the boundaries between art and design. Founded in 2007 by Jacinta Woods and Sonia Warner, are a creative force which stretch style parameters for residential and commercial clients who want something new, fresh and yet warmly familiar.

Each design is a spontaneous and adventurous masterpiece that embraces indulgent detail. Woods and Warner encourage strong monochromatic foundations and like to ‘build up’ their spaces with dramatic powerful colours, patterns or textures.

Clients contact our design studio due to our approachable & adaptable nature. Our ethos to understand the home and the client is paramount for us to execute the design scheme.  We encourage those clients that lack ‘colour- confidence’ to experiment with striking shades,’ says Jacinta.  

Greenwich Residence Ground Floor Renovations is their latest project. This space uses a monochromatic black and white colour scheme which theatrically contrasts against vibrant artworks, commissioned by Kate Clarkson & Lola Santiago. The colourful interplay of turquoise, dove pink and canary yellow balances out with handsome midcentury furniture and contemporary fittings.     

The industrious pair have a clear love and passion for design and art in the home, Sonia’s style is quirky and alive whilst Jacinta has a subdued with a classic undertone. 

As a business it’s like we have split personalities….we can look at a residence that deserves a nature driven palette & we slip into the style like a great pair of shoes.’

This is very noticeable in each of their homes. Step into Sonia’s space and enjoy a retro-renaissance. Glittered with bling, her home is a bold injection of pattern, colour & texture with a few vintage finds. ‘It’s very eclectic and has an antiquated feel,’ she says. Contrary to this is Jacinta’s home which is ‘light’ and understated; white wash walls and floors embrace touches of pastels and earthy greens. ‘I love lightness and breezy spaces that are elegant and chic,’ she says.

Woods & Warner here - Instagram here

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Painting with Taubmans - Transformation tools


After renovating a few houses with my partner I understand just how painful painting can sometimes be... it feels like it will never end, you get sore arms and it's hard to know if you have done great or terrible job. Luckily Taubmans are here to help, recently unveiling their Taubmans Transformation Tools.

Their clever new digital tools will help all you DIYers with every step of your painting journey, from picking a colour, choosing the best product and preparing, to painting, cleaning up and styling the finished look, YAY... help finally!

The Paint Planner is an innovative, industry-first tool that takes the pain out of planning, and provides you with step-by-step plans for your painting project, from start to finish.

‘How To’ videos starring Shaynna Blaze – These 12 videos provide all the information, tricks and tips needed at every step of your painting journey, like how to select paint colours, how to prep a room for painting and how to paint. These videos are an amazing tool to have on hand and I promise will make your life so much easier when you pick up that paint brush!

Paint Your Own Room Tool is an easy way to visualise your chosen colour in a space by uploading an image of your room and then digitally re-colouring the walls to compare potential options. This tool is a major time saver - no more bringing home swatches and samples and painting patches on your walls, heaven!

Everyone is familiar with the traditional notion of ‘spring cleaning’, but the start of the new season can also be the perfect time to give your home a fresh new look to leave you feeling invigorated and energised. However, not everyone has the know-how to take on an interior or exterior transformation. That’s why I’ve worked with Taubmans to create expert guidance for DIYers of all levels – from first-timers to experienced painters.” says Shaynna Blaze

To try the new Taubmans Transformation Tools and get more expert decorating tips and tricks from Shaynna Blaze, visit

Taubmans here - Facebook here - Instagram here - Pinterest here
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DIY with White Knight Paints


To celebrate the rising trend of DIY, leading specialty paint brand, White Knight Paints has launched #WhiteKnightRevive - a series of online videos designed to inspire DIYers to tackle their own at-home projects and renovations. 

White Knight has teamed up with DIY specialist Natasha Dickins who has created 9 short videos that showcase how easily you can achieve DIY's like a bathroom make-over, fence fix-up or resurfacing your deck at your own home. Each video is paired with a downloadable step-by-step tutorial, which includes items required, the steps to follow, along with expert tips from Natasha - You can view the videos here  

The video series includes bathroom and kitchen refreshes, a deck rescue, a chair makeover, concrete porch and Colourbond fence refreshes, a bathtub transformed into a loveseat, a drum turned desk, and a bookcase reimagined as a dollhouse.

"While not everyone is a professional DIYer, with the right tools, great products and a few simple tips, anyone can tackle a project that revitalises a tired looking room or item in their home. It’s amazing to see how simple projects can enhance a home’s appearance, and also add re-sale value down the track. With the #WhiteKnightRevive campaign, we’re hoping that people will feel not only inspired but also empowered to successfully accomplish their own at-home revivals,” says Natasha Dickins

Follow this step by step guide to rescue your Deck!

Sand away any loose wood fibres and give the weathered boards a clean using White Knight Renew It! Deck Cleaner, following the instructions on the label and Leave them to dry thoroughly.
“Waiting for the cleaned boards to dry out is the longest part of this easy project,” says Natasha.

Secure any loose decking boards, screws or raised nail heads and replace any rotting or severely damaged boards. Then remove any loose splinters.

If there are any cracks in the wood deeper than 5mm fill them with an exterior paintable sealant chalk.

Apply 2 coats of White Knight Renew It! Wood and Concrete Resurfacer, following label directions.

“White Knight Renew It! Wood & Concrete Resurfacer has a thick consistency that rolls on nicely to fill cracks and scratches up to about 5mm deep,” says Natasha. “It is so easy and will completely transform the look of your deck with little effort’.

You can choose from hundreds of Taubmans® colours to match the deck to the rest of your house. The colour used for this deck was Taubmans® Fudge Truffle.

White Knight here - You tube here - Facebook here - Instagram here

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My renovation so far...

I have been so busy obsessing and posting about everyone else's amazingness that I have forgotten to update you all on my own home renovation - we have nearly finished the front inside and out and are starting on the back addition. 

Below is an update on the front exterior - we removed and replaced everything on the exterior;weatherboards, front window, door,  verandah, fence, roof and all.  I am loving what we have achieved so far in restoring this gorgeous Victorian back to it's former glory; however it still needs a few finishing touches before it is 100%.

The before shot, with a bit of demolition already happening, looking very worse for wear.


The new 3 panel window is in, a new door unit with high window is in, new boards on the front
of the house, as well as the verandah has been removed.

Matt building our new fence and verandah. We decided to go for quite a high fence with two entrance gates on either side and decorative steel post caps. We also changed the shape of our verandah roof and replaced all the decorative lattice work. Click read more to see more renovation...

We used 'woodland grey' colourbond for the front verandah and 'woodland grey' guttering. 
On the main house roof we replaced the 100 year old slate tiles with eco friendly recycled
plastic 'slate look a like' tiles. They have a life time warranty and even better they are great for
the environment while looking exactly like real slate. You can see the colour different above, 
the front has been replaced and the side is the existing old tiles.

We bought our front door unit from Steptos in Collingwood, as well as our front window. 
I bought all the front of house chrome decorative accessories from Schots in Collingwood.
We wanted a super shiny high gloss door, but we couldn't find a paint shiny enough. We ended up taking the door to a panel beaters and they painted it with car paint and a clear coat on top for extra durability. It is so incredibly shiny, I can actually see myself in it; fingers crossed that I am not the first one to scratch it!

The nearly completed house above (roof tiles still have foot prints all over them) - Our front door minimalist light is from Beacon Lighting. We still need to pave the paths and verandah with blue stone tiles and plant the front garden - I will post a picture of these when they are completed. Coming along very nicely.

And one last picture - this is the view from our roof of the stunning Melbourne city skyline. 
I cannot wait for our second story extension to go on, we can fall asleep looking at this view - excited!

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