Our top 7 trend predictions for 2019!


2019 is quite literally just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to talk about what we will be seeing in the design world next year. Houzz have released their top 7 trend predictions for the home, renovating and design spaces.

1. Striking wall treatments

Vertical surfaces are set to be a new design frontier in homes. From walls to island benches, we will continue to see a more creative approach to these facings. In 2018 we’ve seen half-round oak dowels used to great effect on island bench fronts, shiplap cladding used in exciting new ways, and wool utilised as wall coverings. In 2019 Houzz expects to see new technological surfaces make their mark; at Cersaie 2018 in Italy, a range of 3D textures imprinted on tiles and new surfaces such as Kerlite – a thin, laminated porcelain reinforced with fibreglass - made a strong appearance.

Design - Fido Projects | Photography Lisbeth Grossman

Design - Fido Projects | Photography Lisbeth Grossman

2. Pastel colours in the kitchen

There is an increased demand for pastel-coloured kitchen cabinets, which is set to strengthen next year. Millennial pink made major inroads into decor in 2018, opening the way for other pastel-based hues, including baby blues, green washes and soft greys. These are proving to be a safe way to express colour in the kitchen, and in 2019 and beyond, are likely to rival all-white kitchens in popularity.

Design - Blue Tea Kitchens & Bathrooms | Photography - Pablo Viega

Design - Blue Tea Kitchens & Bathrooms | Photography - Pablo Viega

3. The star of 2019: statement vanities

Expect bathrooms to take over from kitchens as the key place to stamp your style in 2019. In particular, watch for the rise of statement vanities; whether personalised with statement handles,  furniture-like in the way they showcase original joinery, or painted in bold, saturated colour. Plain white and laminate surfaces will take a back seat, while the design-savvy step up and express their creativity in new ways.

Design - sw-architects | Photography - Sam Noonan

Design - sw-architects | Photography - Sam Noonan

4. Outdoors following indoor design cues

In 2019, we’ll continue to embrace our love for the outdoors as the look of exterior furniture moves closer to that of interior furniture. In Houzz’s AU Landscape trends study 46% of renovating homeowners wanted to create comfortable spaces through outdoor dining furniture.

Those who desire relaxed outdoor living are likely to forgo large dining settings and instead turn over their space to living room-like arrangements by choosing roomy modular sofas with accompanying coffee tables and statement armchairs.

Design - DOT + POP | Photography - Hannah Blackmore

Design - DOT + POP | Photography - Hannah Blackmore

5. The rise of the pod

Timber-clad pods have been popular as a way to add a separate backyard room, granny flat, teenage retreat, or studio for the past few years. In 2018 Houzz have noticed that pod-like shapes that are attached to, or inside homes. We suspect rounded pods will continue to pop-up in the centre of otherwise conventional spaces and rooms.

Design -  FGR Architrcture

6. Colour palettes that calm us down

The desire for physical wellness and mental well being will increasingly be expressed via soothing palettes that soften our environment and give us the measure of serenity we seek. Muted, chalky hues will grow in popularity with greens - from mint to sage - leading the charge, backed up by watermelon, subdued apricot and soft tans.

Design - Bask Interiors | Photogrpahy - Suzi Appel

Design - Bask Interiors | Photogrpahy - Suzi Appel

7. Designed (rather than afterthought) secondary spaces

We are seeing architects, building and interior designers utilising every inch of space in the home, be it under-stair areas, voids, end of joinery gaps, alcoves, even below-ceiling space, by integrating deliberate features into these forgotten areas. And, in their design approach, they are calling attention to these secondary areas rather than allowing them to recede into the background. Think alcoves turned into wine storage, under-stair areas becoming play spaces for children, display elements in disused areas, functional joinery built into narrow spaces and corners transformed into eye-catching studies.

Design - Carrera by Design | Three Birds Renovations

Design - Carrera by Design | Three Birds Renovations

Source: Houzz have released their top 7 trend ...

5 couches that are perfect for small lounge rooms!

Image credit | Globe West

Image credit | Globe West


Having a small lounge room does not mean that you have to be limited with your furniture choices. There are an abundance of gorgeous and on trend options for creating your dream relaxation space, even if it is a tad on the small size! 

When choosing a sofa for a small space, firstly think about furniture orientation and what will make the space feel bigger and more open. Try not to have the back of the couch as the first thing you see upon entering the space, if possible create a 'walk way' into your zone, this will ensure an open and spacious feeling.

Keep your colour palette neutral and calming. White and light tones create a sense of space as well as reflecting light and you can add in pops of colour with cushions and artworks. 

Keeping your furniture up off the floor with legs can be a wonderful way to create a sense of space and avoid 'boxy' shaped larger items when possible.

And lastly, try to choose items that are the correct size for the space, you don't want to over power and dominate a small space with a huge sofa or coffee table, although an over-sized rug is a great choice for a small space!

What are your top tips for furnishing and styling a small room?


Source: Having a small lounge room does not mean ...

House of Home - Bathware Excellence Awards

House of Home


It’s time - House of Home are pleased to announce the winners of the 2018 Bathware Excellence Awards and we LOVE who you, the public have voted as your winners!

This year’s awards have been very exciting with thousands of votes from Australian bathware enthusiasts. The results for all of the categories were incredibly close which reflects the unique design qualities that each nominee offers.

“When it comes to choosing bathware for a new bathroom or renovation, Australians are spoiled for choice. The shortlist of manufacturers should be commended on producing on-trend, quality fixtures for Australian bathrooms. Quality, design, function and price are integral parts to choosing the right fixture for a bathroom. When a manufacturer nails all these categories, it gives the renovator confidence with their bathware choices.” Bec Senyard | The Plumbette

Without further ado, drum roll please, the winners are....

    Best Shower Brand:    Phoenix


Best Shower Brand: Phoenix

Best Vanity Brand:  Timberline

Best Vanity Brand: Timberline

Best Tapware Brand:    Phoenix

Best Tapware Brand: Phoenix

Best Bathtub Brand:  Vizzini

Best Bathtub Brand: Vizzini

Source: It’s time - House of Home are pleased to ...

Thinking of updating your space with Wallpaper? Check out these Wallpaper Tips from Luxe Walls...

Light Grey Wood Panels.jpg

Top Tips for incorporating colour into your space with Wallpaper!


Choosing wallpaper can be a little overwhelming with so many available options, but if you stick to these top tips from Luxe Walls you are guaranteed to create wall coverings that you love looking at.

Before you can decide on the perfect wallpaper, you need to consider the style of the room. Is the wallpaper going in a traditional or contemporary space? What is the purpose of the room - a casual or formal living area or a quiet place for rest and relaxation. Are you wanting to create impact with a feature wall, or wallpaper all walls in a room with an overall pattern. The look you want to achieve will be different depending on your answers to the above questions and so too will your wallpaper choices.

Floral Bouquet Wallpaper (1).jpg

Formal spaces lend themselves to stripes, traditional florals and damask patterns, where bolder patterns such as geometrics look fabulous in rooms with a contemporary feel. Bedrooms are the perfect place for your personality to shine through, but remember they are the place of rest so stick to calming colours and patterns.

With seasonal change upon us, new colour trends are appearing to excite and inspire. Gone are the bright colours of summer -  instead we are being tempted with earthy shades, sage greens, warm neutrals and shades of red and orange. These brighter colours are being mixed with warm neutrals to create shades of terracottas, a new favourite of the season. Grey greens are another key player for Autumn 2018. To create coziness, combine terracottas, rusts and warm neutrals to your grey greens for an autumnal feel.

Moody Floral Wallpaper.jpg

At Luxe Walls, we see many trends come and go, and a couple that are shining at the moment are florals and wood panelling. Florals can change the vibe of the room depending on the colour and size of the blooms and we can modify your pattern size depending on the look you want to achieve. A small delicate pattern works well for wallpapering a complete room and gives a subtle visual to your walls, especially in soft greys . Alternatively, an enlarged floral pattern creates impact and works better as a feature wall.

Pink Wood Panel Wallpaper.jpg

Wood panelling is another on trend wallpaper at the moment, with many requests being received for our Wood Panel wallpaper in a variety of colours. At Luxe Walls, we can customise your artwork choice. We can match any pantone colour, change the size of a pattern and even alter the width of wood panels.

Wallpaper is a versatile wall covering option and the perfect way to personalise and create interest to the walls in your home. Whether you are choosing to follow seasonal trends, or following  your own creativity, with over 100 million images, Luxe Walls has you covered.

Oriental Floral Wallpaper.jpg
Source: Choosing wallpaper can be a little ...

Ultra Violet - Pantone's 2018 colour of the year... what do you think?


We all love finding out what Pantone's colour of the year will be - and this year it had everyone talking more than ever!

18-3838 ULTRA VIOLET is the colour and Pantone has said  "Inventive and imaginative, Ultra Violet lights the way to what is yet to come." 


Complex and contemplative, Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now. The vast and limitless night sky is symbolic of what is possible and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own.

Enigmatic purples have also long been symbolic of counterculture, unconventionality, and artistic brilliance. Musical icons Prince, David Bowie, and Jimi Hendrix brought shades of Ultra Violet to the forefront of western pop culture as personal expressions of individuality. Nuanced and full of emotion, the depth of PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet symbolizes experimentation and non-conformity, spurring individuals to imagine their unique mark on the world, and push boundaries through creative outlets.

Historically, there has been a mystical or spiritual quality attached to Ultra Violet. The colour is often associated with mindfulness practices, which offer a higher ground to those seeking refuge from today’s over-stimulated world. The use of purple-toned lighting in meditation spaces and other gathering places energises the communities that gather there and inspire connection. 

Source: Pantone has announced it's 2018 colour of ...

Embrace Spring & Summer trends with removable wall paper...

Floral Watercolour Wallpaper.jpg

The weather is warming up and the coats are going back in the cupboard - finally the feeling of spring is in the air. But this seasonal change isn’t just tied to the weather - it's also the perfect time to add some spring love into your home with Luxe Walls removable wall paper... how stunning is the floral print above? Bedroom feature wall anyone?

Fluffy Cloud Wallpaper.jpg

And your wall paper is up, add finishing touches to your space with on trend accessories and tactile soft furnishings to tie your wall coverings in with the rest of your room and add depth to your new look. Follow high street fashion for a bold look and use accessories in a pink/red combination, plants will transform the feel of your room, whilst paying homage to the botanical trends, or keep it soft with a blush throw and geometric cushions.

Floral Bouquet Wallpaper.jpg

Luxe Walls offers three different textures to print on: ● Luxe Canvas - Removable Wallpaper ● Luxe Linen - Repositionable at installation ● Luxe Crushed Stone - Repositionable at installation

And at $79 per square meter, Luxe Walls wallpaper is an affordable way to add impact.

Luxe Walls is the leader in removable, reusable, self-adhesive wallpaper. They offer thousands of high quality images which can be printed on our wallpaper and used to transform your home, business, corporation or event or even upload your own image to give it an extra personal touch.

-Exotic Leaves Wallpaper.jpg

“We are seeing a huge following of the Tropicana trend at the moment, and on the flip side, a love for the softer tones, especially in the Blush hue. Mix this tone with botanicals and you have a real winner”

“Another popular trend right now are florals, especially when featured with dark moody backgrounds. These contemporary Renaissance masterpieces will create drama and impact in any room!” says Julia Hill, Director of Luxe Walls.

Moonshine Wallpaper.jpg


Teeny tiny space for your laundry? Read my top 6 tips now!


Unfortunately not all of us have the luxury of a spacious laundry.. or even a whole room for a laundry for that matter.. hands up if your laundry is in a cupboard? Me!

So it's time to break down how you can still have a very functional, easy to use, beautifully designed laundry that you will enjoy using.. well maybe for a few weeks until the reality of washing clothes hits you right back in the face again! 

Designed by  By Bruno

Designed by By Bruno

1 - Shelves, drawers or cupboards - fit in as many as you can, storage is so important. And go as high as you can... build those cupboards right up to the ceiling.

2 - Add in a bench top - even if you only have space for a washing machine and dryer side by side in your space, throw a bench top across the top and bam, you have a surface to sort, organise and fold on.

3 - Use hanging rods and hooks where possible - just look at the inspo pic above to see just how beautiful a hanging rod can look!

4 - You don't NEED a sink - if your space doesn't allow for it, don't worry. Modern washing machines have hand wash and delicate cycles that will be much better than your actual hand washing anyway.

5 - Choose a door that works for the space and makes for easy accessibility - think about sliding, centre opening, bi-folds, concertina or doors that slide back into the cavity.

6 - And remember your laundry doesn't have to be it's own room - you can put it in the bathroom, the ensuite, in the hallway, in a cupboard, hide it in the kitchen or even the garage. 

From -  Homes to love
From -  HomeBunch
From -  CaesarStone
From - Pinterest

From - Pinterest


How to create the perfect print wall...


We love a good 'HOW TO' video and Hunting for George have created one of their best yet - "How to create your perfect print wall!"

Watch the below video to brush up on your hanging skills or scroll down for a step by step instructional guide... YAY, we thank you in advance Hunting for George!

Step One: Composition

Before hammers and nails start flying around, place your selection of prints on the floor to find a composition you like. If you’re a visual type-A personality (which we can totally relate to), mapping out the prints can help you visualise how they’ll fit into the space without committing to size and placement until you get it right. Take a photo to use as your guide.

Step Two: Curate

Avoid choosing prints that are all the same, mix it up and spread the love. A mix of sizes and orientations is key to creating a successful print wall. Avoid clumping similar types of prints together


Step Three: Anchor

Hang the largest print first, this will act as your anchor. We recommend hanging this at eye level for a winning print wall.

Step Four: Spacing

The rule of thumb is at least an 8cm gap between each frame. Nobody is perfect and either should your gaps be, it give your print wall character.

Step Five: Frame Selection

Choose different frame finishes to give your print wall a fun eclectic look. Two or three different kinds is ideal.

Step Six: More is more

Add more prints to fill your wall. Style with odd numbers for the perfect print wall. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery.

Hunting for George have a style of print that will liven up even the blankest of walls, so sit back, enjoy the scenery and let your prints do the entertaining. No more fussing about with not-quite-the-right-size frames either (we've all been there). Hunting for George's new ready to hang frames fit their prints perfectly helping to make life just a little bit easier... Designed to fit the entire Hunting for George art print collection, their frames are Australian made and sold pre-assembled with a multi-fit system to hang both portrait or landscape. 



Marble Wallpaper by Murals...


Marble is such a massive trend at the moment... from the real stuff we use on our kitchen bench tops, to the tiles we use in our bathrooms, to the fabric it's printed on for our cushions and tea towels, to vessels for candles, trays and so much more... the fact is that we LOVE it!

So why not try wall papering the walls of your house with it? Say HI to Murals Wallpaper Marble Collection! It's a percentage of the price of the real stuff and the effect is just as incredible... and when you're over the trend, you can easily remove it and whack up the next thing, win win!


Renovating... 5 things I'd do differently next time


1 - Carpet - I wasn't happy with my carpet choice after a few months of living with it. 

- Choose the right carpet for your space by really thinking about how much foot traffic there will be - some carpets pile can flatten in high traffic areas.

- Choose a colour/pattern that you love but that is also practical for your home and family.

- Go to as many different shops as possible and check out their ranges.

- Take samples home for a few days so you can look at them at different times of the day and in different light.

- Ensure that you are happy with what material it is made of - wool, nylon, wool blends etc.

2 - Window Furnishings - I wish I had put in pelmets above every window in our upstairs level.

- Take the time during planning to choose your window furnishings before you start renovating or building to save the headaches when installation comes around.

- This way you will know whether you need pelmets above your windows (if you want to conceal your blinds), what type of window frames will work best for your design and how the windows opening will affect your blinds/curtains.

3 - Shower Niches - I went for a bevelled edge tile which negatively affected the look of my shower niche.

- If you are after a clean and modern looking bathroom then a shower niche (tiled built in shower shelves) is your go to. 

- Aluminium strips are not ideal as edging - always avoid this if possible. 

- Beware of bevelled edges, round shapes, small mosaics and fragile stone tiles - any of these can really throw a spanner in your works when creating a niche as they can be hard for the tiler to cut and grout as an edge, which is where to dreaded aluminium strip comes in.

4 - Lighting - Be careful when following trends - we changed our minds last minute and had to rewire which costs money, takes time and creates mess.

- Pendant lights are so hot right now and are featuring everywhere from bedrooms to bathrooms to kitchens and dining rooms.

- Choose carefully to ensure that you will still love your light in years to come. 

- Be brave - you don't have to do what everyone else is doing.

- Give your electrician a really thought out and precise plan before he starts - and if they are super nice maybe they can do some back up wiring in your walls/ceiling in case you change your mind from 1-2 lights, the positioning and things like that. 

5 - Precise Plumbing Planning - We put in our bath drain before choosing the bath - not ideal!

- If possible always choose ALL your bathroom pieces that need to be plumbed in before your plumber starts roughing it in (plumber speak for putting all the pipes etc in the correct spots).

- The worst case scenario if you don't do this is that you end up with taps/spouts/buttons that don't align with your bath/vanity/toilet - which isn't great aesthetically or for functionality.

If you need any more advice or tips please comment below.

 D + P


Woods & Warner...


Sydney based interior design company, Woods & Warner brilliantly blur the boundaries between art and design. Founded in 2007 by Jacinta Woods and Sonia Warner, are a creative force which stretch style parameters for residential and commercial clients who want something new, fresh and yet warmly familiar.

Each design is a spontaneous and adventurous masterpiece that embraces indulgent detail. Woods and Warner encourage strong monochromatic foundations and like to ‘build up’ their spaces with dramatic powerful colours, patterns or textures.

Clients contact our design studio due to our approachable & adaptable nature. Our ethos to understand the home and the client is paramount for us to execute the design scheme.  We encourage those clients that lack ‘colour- confidence’ to experiment with striking shades,’ says Jacinta.  

Greenwich Residence Ground Floor Renovations is their latest project. This space uses a monochromatic black and white colour scheme which theatrically contrasts against vibrant artworks, commissioned by Kate Clarkson & Lola Santiago. The colourful interplay of turquoise, dove pink and canary yellow balances out with handsome midcentury furniture and contemporary fittings.     

The industrious pair have a clear love and passion for design and art in the home, Sonia’s style is quirky and alive whilst Jacinta has a subdued with a classic undertone. 

As a business it’s like we have split personalities….we can look at a residence that deserves a nature driven palette & we slip into the style like a great pair of shoes.’

This is very noticeable in each of their homes. Step into Sonia’s space and enjoy a retro-renaissance. Glittered with bling, her home is a bold injection of pattern, colour & texture with a few vintage finds. ‘It’s very eclectic and has an antiquated feel,’ she says. Contrary to this is Jacinta’s home which is ‘light’ and understated; white wash walls and floors embrace touches of pastels and earthy greens. ‘I love lightness and breezy spaces that are elegant and chic,’ she says.

Woods & Warner here - Instagram here

D + P