Young Home Owners are Leaving Brick Boredom Behind...

Scyon Wall Cladding

 Australia’s younger home owners are preparing to end the country’s love affair with the brick houses of the past. The findings of a James Hardie survey of people who have built their home in the past five years, or are currently planning to do so, showed that only one third preferred the traditional brick cladding or veneer facades found in quintessential Aussie properties. Meanwhile 44% preferred to use a mix of cladding types and styles including horizontal, vertical and panel arrangements.

“Our data shows that almost one in three new builds are being undertaken by people under 30. These younger home owners are most likely to want a contemporary appearance that mixes a number of building materials and profiles to ensure their home doesn’t look dated in the near future.” says Cathleya Buchanan, James Hardie, Australian Marketing Director:

Scyon Wall Cladding
Scyon Wall Cladding
Scyon Wall Cladding

However, unlike other styles such as Queenslander and Hamptons, this modern movement encompasses a number of looks explains, Cathleya: “The term modern is used in housing in the same way that pop is used in music, it’s not just one thing and is constantly evolving. The term is used for anything from updated versions of established trends like ‘modern coastal’ and ‘Mid-Century Modern’, through to ‘Minimalist’ and ‘Designer Mixed Cladding’ aesthetics.”

When asked to choose the most important factor of their project four out of five prioritised the look of their property over the cost. The move away from the brick look is being driven by a preference for building products that help create architectural design motifs adds Cathleya: “Modern looks require more design variation using modern materials, such as James Hardie’s range of Premium Fibre Cement Cladding, including the large panel format of Matrix Cladding, or the vertical lines of Axon Cladding. Combining these and other profiles can deliver striking features like floating walls, overhangs, and protective cantilevers that define a contemporary style.”

Find out how to get the Modern look for your home at

Scyon Wall Cladding

How to get 'The Hamptons' Look on your budget!

Hamptons Look

Builder, Interior Designer and leading expert in the ‘Hamptons style’, Natalee Bowen has created stunning properties both here in Australia and in New York City. And now she has created three handy guides to achieving the Hamptons look for under $10,000, $20,000 and $30,000 for Scyon Walls.

On the blog today she’s giving us a sneak peek at her top Hamptons tips for any budget.

“Following generations of brick buildings, we now steer toward more sophisticated aesthetics. The Hamptons is a fairly new trend for Australia, which we’ve adapted to incorporate our long established love of weatherboard` seen in Queenslander and country properties. The Hamptons is synonymous with relaxed coastal living and it’s this easy-going elegance and resort-like home design that appeals to a growing number of us. The way we live also plays a huge part in the trend as it fits perfectly with our love of outdoor entertaining and open plan living,” says Natalee.

Hamptons Look
Hamptons Look

Hamptons style for under $10,000

Prioritising the main elements is key when your budget is on the lower end. Begin by painting your exterior in a classic Hamptons palate of whites, greys, creams and taupes. As the façade makes up two thirds of the building, there’s a lot of opportunity here to set your home’s stylistic tone.

The Hamptons aesthetic is made in the details. Use Axent Trim around windows on rendered homes to create elegant texture that will stop the façade from being plain. If you have a front garden, add Jasmin and box hedges to add colour and shape.

Moving into the home, try to clear as much clutter as possible to make room for key furnishings like linen lounges, cane chairs and large lamps. Accent your light and bright rooms with a blue colour palate in anything from navy to egg shell. Also add more textural layers with natural textiles such as jute rugs.

Hamptons Look

The Look for under $20,000

While elements such as neutral colour palettes, natural textures, internal panelling, high ceilings and traditional cabinetry all remain definitive features of this look, nothing is more ‘Hamptonsesque’ than a weatherboard exterior, which mirrors the shingles used in the US.

Shingles don’t do well in our often harsh climate, so my go-to in Australia is Linea Weatherboard. It provides the clean, horizontal shadow lines that instantly evoke a sense of timeless charm and has that beautiful appearance of timber, but is resistant to warping or swelling, fire and damage from termites and moisture.

Depending on the size of your building, you can start thinking about adding cladding to aspects of your home. Bring greenery into the home with large palms and vases of blue hydrangeas to create an indoor/outdoor feel that blurs the line between garden and house. You want the whole block to feel like one space. In the kitchen opt for shaker style cabinetry, the extra detail will add visual interest and is perfectly complemented by a subway tile splash-back.

Hamptons Look
Hamptons Look

Make a statement for under $30,000

With a little more money you can add a lot more detail. The Hamptons is all about keeping colour subtle and then layering on texture. On the exterior bump up the use of Linea Weatherboard as full a wrap if possible and add more shadow lines by fitting HardieGroove to soffits and eaves to make the façade look even richer. If you have the room, creating an alfresco space will help secure that Hamptons lifestyle of elegant entertaining and further marry the transition between the interior and exterior.

Oversized glass bi-fold doors will offer uninterrupted views and add to the versatility of the space while letting an abundance of light into the home. Hamptons is about ease of living, so if you have a bigger budget you can also look at restructuring the layout of the home. Aim to create an open-plan space and if you are updating your flooring, choose one material to use continuously out onto the deck.

Hamptons Look

Whatever your budget, the key to the Hamptons style is keeping a consistent aesthetic in neutral tones that is ostensibly effortless, but rich in textures and details.

To see the full guides for achieving the Hamptons look on a $10,000, $20,000 or even $30,000 budget visit

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How to make a grand entrance... Interior Designer Sally Caroline gives her top tips


With a focus on making a great first impression, Corinthian Doors has added several fresh styles to its Blonde Oak Entrance collection.

Interior designer, Sally Klopper of Sally Caroline Interior Design says, “The Blonde Oak Collection has been created with purity in mind; the ability to develop a single, unified theme throughout your home. This visual consistency is crucial to interior design as it reflects a sense of calm - in turn, giving your home a more refined finish. The versatility of the new range means it can be adapted to honour any home style, now or in the future. The quality craftsmanship and materials mean that your door will look great now and can be refinished to create a new appearance if you choose to renovate.”

Here Sally opens the door to some of her favourite looks and how a front door can really make an entrance.

Corinthian_City_Corinthian Doors Blonde Oak AWO5VG Opaque Glass - Prices start at $834 for a 2040(H) x 820(W) x 40(T)mm  (price may vary by state).jpg



Forget fussy fashions, ‘less is more’ has become a universal design concept. This look is typified by refined simple lines, quality finishes, neutral colours and clean-cut edges. Corinthian’s City pivot door adorns an almost sparse exterior, using vertical glass panels to give the illusion of height and a rich brown shade to the door becomes the understated focal point of a modern home.

“People are often drawn to minimalist interior style for its effortless simplicity, but it’s actually the contrast of tones, proportions and lighting that make the look. Try experimenting with different glass panelling to cast defining shadows in your entrance, and if architecturally equipped, choose a pivot door for a bolder opening to the home.”

Corinthian_Country_Corinthian Doors Blonde Oak AWO 21 Clear Glass - Prices start at $466 for a 2040(H) x 820(W) x 40 (T)mm  (price may vary by state).jpg


Modern Country:

Modern country inspired homes reflect a sense of warmth and light, by marrying warm colours like creamy whites and chestnut browns, defined by strong timber accents throughout the home.

“The Corinthian Blonde Oak door collection has a true Country style offering. The American White Oak veneer frame harmonises with a beautiful stone facade creating a seamless experience as you walk through the door. An open panel of clear glass allows light to fill the entrance, creating a cosy atmosphere in the home. Alternatively, frosted glass offers privacy for homes with direct visibility of the interior”.

Corinthian_Coastal_Corinthian Doors Blonde Oak AWO5G Opaque Glass - Prices start at $486 for a 2040(H) x 820(W) x 40(T)mm  (price may vary by state).jpg



More than just a style, the coastal look is a way of life. Everything from the weatherboard, to the doors and windows take their aesthetic cues from the coastline and sunny skies.

“Corinthian’s Blonde Oak Coastal doors reflect the beautiful Australian shoreline. The sandy colours of the door embody the natural landscape, while horizontal panels accentuate the shadow lines of the weatherboard. For a twist – try making a statement with a blue base stained door, drawing upon tones the sea and sky.”

Corinthian Blonde Oak Collection is available from all good reseller stores across Australia. For further information please visit

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A builder is just a builder right? 

Nexus Homes

Nexus Homes

What you need to know about choosing a builder with Director of Nexus Home Improvements, Matt Keogh.


Customer experience is the biggest factor when choosing a builder. You aren’t just purchasing products, you are purchasing a home, your home - something in which to make your life better! Therefore your builder should always make the building process enjoyable for both of you by focusing on providing a premium customer experience as well as a premium product.  

Choose a builder that is suitably experienced. This helps to ensure that there are no costly mistakes made along the way and that you can put your complete trust into them, knowing that you will receive your dream home at the end of the process.

Choose a builder who you feel comfortable with, it's important to be working with someone that will follow your instruction if need be.

Nexus Homes

Nexus Homes


How did you find this builder? A lot of quality builders will source their work through referrals and word of mouth, so speak to your friends, look online, read reviews, can they show you current examples of their work, where was the last house they built? 

Big - but not too big is important. Ideally it’s best to deal with a boutique company where the director or owner will personally work on your project - they will have a support system of supervisors, trades and designers that will assist with the day to day running of your project.

Nexus Homes

Nexus Homes


Based in Perth, Western Australia, Nexus Home Improvements complete Second Storey Additions, Home Renovations, House Extensions and Custom Designer Homes. Their attention to detail in build quality, design and finish, coupled with modern building techniques ensure that they stand out from the crowd and that their projects are second to none. 

Nexus Homes Improvements major focus is on creating the optimum customer experience through good design, thoughtful consideration of client requirements, expectations and budget. Part of this involves having a skilled and enthusiastic team of designers and trades people, coupled with careful planning to minimise variations and really listening to what you want!

Nexus Homes

Nexus Homes


Building with Nexus you are always in contact with a director which allows for organised communication throughout your building process.

Something that we love about Nexus is their Prefab 'pods'. They are a super modern ‘pod’ addition which contrasts perfectly against the traditional and/or original facade of your home. The ‘pod’ addition is a modular extension, which in basic terms means it is pre-made and finished offsite and then craned into place (scroll down for progress pics), this allows for a faster build time, less chaos at your home over an extended period of time and it’s obviously just pretty amazing! 

Nexus Homes

Nexus Homes

Nexus Homes

Nexus Homes

Source: Customer experience is the biggest factor ...

3 steps to coat your deck - long weekend DIY!


The Easter Long Weekend is here, therefore it's the prime-time for home improvements and outdoor entertaining. So why not tackle those odd jobs and DIY tasks around the home that you have been putting off!

Just in time for the 4 day weekend Cabot’s have released a decking product called the 'Finish in 1 Day system' - turning what is usually a six-week gruelling and time consuming process into a one-day job, yes ONE DAY! This fantastic new product means long-term updates are now much faster, giving you more time for outdoor lounging and entertaining on your fresh deck!

There is a 'Step by Step guide' below as well as a super helpful 'how to' video!


Step 1

Take your Cabot’s New Timber Prep and apply it evenly to the boards with your Cabot’s Deck Prep Scrubbing Brush.

New Timber Prep imitates the exact effects of weathering, by drawing out the timber’s tannins and oils. 

After 15 minutes, rinse away the residue with a hose, leaving the surface ready for coating.


Step 2

Immediately clean the timber with Cabot’s Deck Clean.

Cabot’s Deck Clean should be mixed with water (1:4 parts) and applied to the timber’s surface using a bristle brush, like Cabot’s Deck Prep Scrubbing Brush.

After 20 minutes, it should be rinsed off with a high-pressure hose.


Step 3

Once the deck is dry, it is ready for coating.

Stir the Cabot’s Aquadeck to ensure that the colour is well mixed and even.Start by carefully cutting in around the edges of the deck with a paintbrush. Apply oil to three or four boards at a time using the Cabot’s Deck Coat Applicator.

Always work along the whole length of a board to a natural break to prevent patchy results.

Allow 1 hour to dry for the first coat and then reapply.

Source: The Easter Long Weekend is here, ...

Thinking of an outdoor shower? My top 12 designs for you!


12 outdoor showers to get you excited!


We love outdoor showers... we love the coastal feel, the holiday vibes they give, the novelty of being able to shower outdoors if you feel like it and just the overall idea of having one!

The best thing is you don't need a lot of space, if you're lucky it won't involve too much plumbing and as long as you do your research and put it in a place that will drain adequately, you're good to go (I would advise getting professional advice on where to put it, better to be safe than sorry)!

Via Pinterest - designer unknown

Via Pinterest - designer unknown

Via  Home Beautifu l - Photo Chris Warnes

Via Home Beautiful - Photo Chris Warnes

Designer -  Shareen Joel Design  | Photography Brooke Holm

Designer - Shareen Joel Design | Photography Brooke Holm

Via Inside Out Magazine

Via Inside Out Magazine

Image via Brooke Holm

Image via Brooke Holm

Architect  Robson Rak Architects  | Photography  Shannon McGrath

Architect Robson Rak Architects | Photography Shannon McGrath


Exterior Paint Trends 2018...


The end of 2017 is soooo close, 10 sleeps close to be precise... so it's time to start looking to the new year and what trends will be flooding our screens and pages. 

For our first trend report of 2018 let's talk about exteriors! The exterior of your home is just as important as the interior, however it sometimes gets forgotten about, neglected or just left until last, and it's time that changed.

The exterior of your home is the first thing people see when they visit you, it's the first thing you see when you arrive home and it gives everyone an idea of what they can find inside... So whether it's cute and quaint, modern and bold or minimalist and refined, it's time to bring your exterior into 2018 and the easiest way to do that, is with paint!

BLACK & WHITE -  Via #houseonthompson

BLACK & WHITE - Via #houseonthompson

MONOCHROME - keep it traditional with white and add a touch of modernity by adding black accents.

TAUPE & WHITE -  From Casa Haus

TAUPE & WHITE - From Casa Haus

SOFT NEUTRALS - always a classic choice, and one that will stand the test of time. 

CHARCOAL & WHITE -  Via Pinterest

CHARCOAL & WHITE - Via Pinterest

GO BOLD - darker hues will be huge in 2018. We love this look, try it by choosing a dark charcoal as your main colour and lighten the overall look by adding a contrasting colour, such as white.  

PALE GREY & WHITE -  Via Dulux


BEACHY - pale grey is always a winner and it's not going anywhere! Pair it with white for a relaxed coastal feel.

WHITE ON WHITE - Via Pinterest

WHITE ON WHITE - Via Pinterest

TRADITIONAL - white on white will always hail supreme. Adding a coloured door will add your own personal touch.

WHITE & NATURAL TIMBER -  Via Topolgy Studio

WHITE & NATURAL TIMBER - Via Topolgy Studio

NATURAL ELEMENTS - add a natural material against your paint for contrast and wow factor. 

Source: Exterior Colour trends 2018

DIY with White Knight Paints


To celebrate the rising trend of DIY, leading specialty paint brand, White Knight Paints has launched #WhiteKnightRevive - a series of online videos designed to inspire DIYers to tackle their own at-home projects and renovations. 

White Knight has teamed up with DIY specialist Natasha Dickins who has created 9 short videos that showcase how easily you can achieve DIY's like a bathroom make-over, fence fix-up or resurfacing your deck at your own home. Each video is paired with a downloadable step-by-step tutorial, which includes items required, the steps to follow, along with expert tips from Natasha - You can view the videos here  

The video series includes bathroom and kitchen refreshes, a deck rescue, a chair makeover, concrete porch and Colourbond fence refreshes, a bathtub transformed into a loveseat, a drum turned desk, and a bookcase reimagined as a dollhouse.

"While not everyone is a professional DIYer, with the right tools, great products and a few simple tips, anyone can tackle a project that revitalises a tired looking room or item in their home. It’s amazing to see how simple projects can enhance a home’s appearance, and also add re-sale value down the track. With the #WhiteKnightRevive campaign, we’re hoping that people will feel not only inspired but also empowered to successfully accomplish their own at-home revivals,” says Natasha Dickins

Follow this step by step guide to rescue your Deck!

Sand away any loose wood fibres and give the weathered boards a clean using White Knight Renew It! Deck Cleaner, following the instructions on the label and Leave them to dry thoroughly.
“Waiting for the cleaned boards to dry out is the longest part of this easy project,” says Natasha.

Secure any loose decking boards, screws or raised nail heads and replace any rotting or severely damaged boards. Then remove any loose splinters.

If there are any cracks in the wood deeper than 5mm fill them with an exterior paintable sealant chalk.

Apply 2 coats of White Knight Renew It! Wood and Concrete Resurfacer, following label directions.

“White Knight Renew It! Wood & Concrete Resurfacer has a thick consistency that rolls on nicely to fill cracks and scratches up to about 5mm deep,” says Natasha. “It is so easy and will completely transform the look of your deck with little effort’.

You can choose from hundreds of Taubmans® colours to match the deck to the rest of your house. The colour used for this deck was Taubmans® Fudge Truffle.

White Knight here - You tube here - Facebook here - Instagram here

D + P


My renovation so far...

I have been so busy obsessing and posting about everyone else's amazingness that I have forgotten to update you all on my own home renovation - we have nearly finished the front inside and out and are starting on the back addition. 

Below is an update on the front exterior - we removed and replaced everything on the exterior;weatherboards, front window, door,  verandah, fence, roof and all.  I am loving what we have achieved so far in restoring this gorgeous Victorian back to it's former glory; however it still needs a few finishing touches before it is 100%.

The before shot, with a bit of demolition already happening, looking very worse for wear.


The new 3 panel window is in, a new door unit with high window is in, new boards on the front
of the house, as well as the verandah has been removed.

Matt building our new fence and verandah. We decided to go for quite a high fence with two entrance gates on either side and decorative steel post caps. We also changed the shape of our verandah roof and replaced all the decorative lattice work. Click read more to see more renovation...

We used 'woodland grey' colourbond for the front verandah and 'woodland grey' guttering. 
On the main house roof we replaced the 100 year old slate tiles with eco friendly recycled
plastic 'slate look a like' tiles. They have a life time warranty and even better they are great for
the environment while looking exactly like real slate. You can see the colour different above, 
the front has been replaced and the side is the existing old tiles.

We bought our front door unit from Steptos in Collingwood, as well as our front window. 
I bought all the front of house chrome decorative accessories from Schots in Collingwood.
We wanted a super shiny high gloss door, but we couldn't find a paint shiny enough. We ended up taking the door to a panel beaters and they painted it with car paint and a clear coat on top for extra durability. It is so incredibly shiny, I can actually see myself in it; fingers crossed that I am not the first one to scratch it!

The nearly completed house above (roof tiles still have foot prints all over them) - Our front door minimalist light is from Beacon Lighting. We still need to pave the paths and verandah with blue stone tiles and plant the front garden - I will post a picture of these when they are completed. Coming along very nicely.

And one last picture - this is the view from our roof of the stunning Melbourne city skyline. 
I cannot wait for our second story extension to go on, we can fall asleep looking at this view - excited!

D + P