The Nest Cam IQ has a sleek minimalist design that can fit well in any home, whilst keeping you protected...



Nest offers a range of smart home products that are designed to take care of your home, the people and the things inside it – providing ultimate peace of mind for you and your family. And the latest addition to the Nest family is the Nest Cam IQ, arguably the smartest home security ever.

The Nest Cam IQ is smarter and better looking than your average security camera (which you know we love), it keeps an eye on what matters most, sending alerts to your phone if it detects anything unusual – whether that’s an intruder or the dog getting up to mischief. Another great feature is that you can talk through the camera when you’re away from home and it also integrates with Google Assistant meaning it can double as your very own Google Home. It has fantastic scheduling features, home/away assist features meaning it knows when you leave home, smart sound detection and notification’s that really work!

And what we love the most - a with all Nest’s products, it has a minimalist sleek design which means that it fits seamlessly into any room – for a security camera it is a true interior dream. 



Key features include:

Facial recognition — It can differentiate between a person and your pet. You will receive a phone alert if it sees a family member – or a stranger.

Supersight — It has a 4K sensor and wide 130-degree zoom, meaning it can follow someone around the room without losing quality, meaning you will never miss a thing.

Scares off intruders — It has a powerful speaker that can scare off intruders from afar – spoken from your mobile phone. It also notifies you when it hears the sound of a dog or person’s voice.

Google Assistant built-in — The Nest Cam IQ doubles up as your very own Google Home, meaning you can ask it questions. This is a particularly handy function for parents, enabling them to set reminders, alarms and tasks such as adding to grocery lists or playing music around the house.  


So if you’re looking for a smart, reliable, easy-to-use and super stylish home camera, the Nest Cam IQ is a winner.

** Disclosure - I was given the Nest Cam IQ to trial, I wasn't paid to write a review. 

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Yeseco... Eco Solutions for Everyday Essentials



Yeseco is the Australian Eco brand striving to reduce unnecessary plastic waste.

It’s a terrifying thought that in the last 10 years alone, we have produced more plastic than in the last century. And with less than 5% of plastics being recycled worldwide, there’s a very confronting reality ahead of us.

Sometimes the challenge seems so big; it’s hard to know where to start. Well, for design specialist Jamie Phillips, it was about creating a solution rather than just talking about one. So he took it upon himself to launch Yesēco: a privately owned company who strives to reduce unnecessary plastic waste by creating eco alternatives for your home.

The first target? The kitchen.

“I wanted to make a difference,” said Phillips. “I wanted to be part of the solution rather than just talking about what was wrong with the world. I realised consumers aren’t the problem; it was the lack of alternatives in the market. I wanted to start solving small problems on a big scale. The idea for Yesēco came from my own frustration of seeing my kitchen bench covered with unnecessary plastic items that would taint the environment forever.”

Yesēco Kitchen Essentials Kit is made from 100% natural, biodegradable and compostable materials and has all of the washing up and cleaning tools you need, including:

1 x Bamboo Bench Organiser

2 x Bamboo & Sisal Fibre Dish Brushes

1 x Broomcorn Scouring Brush

4 x Woodpulp Expanding Sponges

1 x Hemp & Organic Cotton Tea Towel

Stylish and considered, Phillips says he wanted something that could sit out on a benchtop and complement a range of household styles.

“It might seem like a small gesture, but every household and office has a kitchen, and it’s something small that can work towards a bigger solution.”

Shop the Yesēco Kitchen Essentials Kit here.

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Life Instyle 2018 is back and bigger than ever!



Melbourne’s most stylish trade destination for retail, Life Instyle, is already proving a hot favourite for 2018. Now in it’s 17th edition, Life Instyle Melbourne runs over four days (August 2nd - 5th) at the heritage listed, Royal Exhibition Building.

Life Instyle's continued relevance and popularity is largely due to the event’s strong focus on creative and innovative design, from emerging brands to big retail names. This year’s event encompasses the recent addition of a dedicated Men Instyle area, specifically catering to the growing demand for retailers to offer more men’s products and fashion, as well as the much loved Kids Instyle zone, and the designer launch pad that is First Instyle.

Committed to showcasing cutting-edge brands, Life Instyle has become a destination for design-focused buyers and an invaluable business opportunity for designers, makers, sellers, and importers across a range of categories; with a specialised focus on curating brands that are Australian made, handmade and ethically produced.

Visitors can expect to discover over 430 premium brands including the likes of Lightly, Inartisan, Rock Your Baby, Husk, Band of Boys, Telegram, St Barts, Corporate Art Co, Rollie Nation, Write to Me Stationery, Alice Pleasance and Hunter Lab.

Also amongst the exhibitor line up will be 170 new brands to the event, guaranteeing attendees will uncover a range of new and innovative products. New additions not to be missed include Kapow Kids, Juno and Ace, The Study of Colour, Matt and Nat, Axel and Ash and The Escape Co.

melb products16.png
melb products12 (2).png
melb products15.png
melb products112.png


Returning to the stunning Royal Exhibition Building, Life Instyle has also expanded its Conversation Series for the upcoming event to focus not only on operations and trends, but also the most pressing issues for retailers currently.

Sessions include practical advice on how to cut through and remain profitable in what is a rapidly changing marketplace, from pop-up shops to online stores to selling via social. Sessions will also advise on how retailers can remain not only relevant and on trend, but also operate within an industry that is facing increasing scrutiny around ethics and sustainability. This year’s Life Instyle has it all!

Life Instyle Melbourne 2 – 5 August, 2018

Where - Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne

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HOW TO: Get the Bohemian Look In Your Home



If you have always wanted to achieve that sought-after Bohemian look for your bedroom, or even for a stylish addition to your home, we have a selection of stunning products from ZanuiLaForma and BlackArrow to help you get started!

TOP TIPS - to create the Bohemian look in your home by the BlackArrow Co girls, Jessi Deakin and Sarah Yarrow.

Break the rules. You don’t need to coordinate every colour, piece or pattern. Don’t be afraid to improvise - the more the merrier (to an extent)! Layers of texture, patterns and colours is what makes it so eclectic and charming! The key is knowing when to stop and pull back so as to not have every single piece overpowering the next. You want to ensure key elements are still able to stand out and act as a focal point in the greater scheme.

Create a story. Choose colours, patterns and textiles that have a history and tell a story. The bohemian style is all about global-inspired and collected elements. Pair treasures from your travels with vintage Moroccan rugs and cushions to nail the spirit of Bohemia!

Get creative with your wall art. The traditional framed artwork certainly has its place in the bohemian home, but you can mix things up and take your bohemian vibe to the next level by adding other types of wall art such as shell necklaces, macrame wall hangings, rattan display shelves and Juju Hats.

Black Arrow Co | Macrame Wall Hanging - $160

Black Arrow Co | Macrame Wall Hanging - $160

Black Arrow Co | Yoko Leather Cushion - $200

Black Arrow Co | Yoko Leather Cushion - $200

Zanui | Casas Oriental Round Rug - $109.95

Zanui | Casas Oriental Round Rug - $109.95

Zanui | Macrame Outdoor Hanging Chair - $119.95

Zanui | Macrame Outdoor Hanging Chair - $119.95

La Forma | Ellipse Mirro - $349

La Forma | Ellipse Mirro - $349

La Forma | Ment Basket - $89

La Forma | Ment Basket - $89

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KOALA – The ‘mattress in a box’


Who doesn’t love being in bed? Sleeping, scrolling Instagram, reading, just relaxing in general… and how much more enjoyable is it when you have the perfect mattress?! Koala have unlocked a deeper sleep with their renowned mattress – the perfect blend of comfort and support that puts you to sleep and keeps you there.

I was lucky enough to test out a Koala mattress and I promise you that the comfort level is divine, it is the perfect amount of ‘soft but firm’ and I am sleeping like a little baby… koala!



Ordering a mattress is so easy… order online HERE, if you are located in one of their same-day delivery areas (Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth) they can deliver your order within 4 hours and if you order before 2pm they can deliver it on the same day. Outside of their same-day delivery areas delivery is still 100% free, you will receive your mattress within 1-5 business days and receive a text message on the day it is due to arrive so you know it’s coming. And did I forget to mention that it arrives in a box? Yes, it’s compressed in a box which means it’s easy to move, apartment friendly, light weight and expands in seconds.


Koala have engineered Kloudcell – a comfortable, breathable, open-cell foam that is refined into the ultimate comfort layer. Their unique foam has been tailored to give the lush feel of memory foam and latex, but with breathability and bounce which avoids that ‘sinking feeling’ and the heat that comes with mattresses made from those materials. The open-cell structure of their Kloudcell creates channels in the foam, which provides airflow and enables heat to escape keeping you cool and comfortable. And I think we have all seen their wine glass test – which is made possible by their Zero Disturbance Technology – not only is your body properly supported from head to toe, you also won’t be woken up by your partner, or if you’re the restless one you won’t be waking them up either!


Koala offer a 120 night trial – so if you don’t absolutely fall in love they will pick it up and give you a full refund. Some more pretty incredible facts about Koala is that their mattresses are 100% Australian made, have a 10-year warranty, when you purchase a mattress they actually adopt a REAL KOALA with the WWF and in your box you receive the cutest Koala toy and adoption certificate – now if that doesn’t make you want one of these babies I don’t know what will!

So far Koala have adopted 37,000 Koalas, planted over 5000 trees’ and have donated over $500K to charities – wow, we love them!


Sponsored by Koala.

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It's time to make your pets bedding as on trend as your own... introducing Adairs Pet Collection!

fetch pet collection adairs

The luxe bedding collection your furry friends have been waiting to get their paws on: Fetch Luxury Pet Bedding.


Introducing Adairs exciting new Fetch pet bedding and accessories collection, a luxury collection of pet accessories - because they deserve super gorgeous and on trend pieces too! 

Adairs believe that every family pet needs a special place of their own, a comfortable place they can retreat to at night, or a safe place to nap throughout the day, and we couldn't agree more - and personally I love that you can choose pieces that will compliment your own interiors! 

fetch pet collection adairs

The Fetch Comfort Collection of pillows and blankets are suitable for all pet sizes – small to large, whilst the Snuggle Mat is suitable for pets up to 25kg’s. With the accessories including a warm blanket for them to snuggle into, and soft pillow for them to rest their small heads upon after a big day of playing.

fetch pet collection adairs

Each product available in the  range is affordable, conveniently machine washable and made from materials of the highest quality - ensuring the ultimate comfort and durability for your pet day in and day out.

Shop the entire Fetch Comfort Collection online or in selected Adairs stores.

fetch pet collection adairs
fetch pet collection adairs
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You want to buy your first home, but when is the right time to take the plunge?


The time has come. You have your deposit, you’ve decided on your dream suburb, you know the type of house you want - you are ready to buy your first home! But when should you take that almighty plunge?

From my own experience, I can say that there is never the ‘perfect time’ to buy your first home. There will always be personal, family, financial or career obstacles to overcome. But what I can say is that you will not regret it. It’s worth the wait, the effort and worth taking your time to ensure that your first home is your dream one.

Artist’s Impression subject to change.

Artist’s Impression subject to change.


To help you along on this super exciting and sometimes a little daunting experience, in collaboration with Stockland, I have put together my top seven tips to help you take that leap of faith and become a home owner!

1 –

Money, the least fun item that we will address, but it’s the kicker isn’t it! And my biggest tip is making sure that you have shopped around for the best mortgage out there. It’s so important to do your homework. It is 100% worth exploring your options for the biggest purchase you will ever make in your lifetime. I know that the thought of changing banks is daunting – but take it from me, it’s achievable. We have moved our mortgage to a new bank before and yes it was a lot of work, but totally worth it for the savings we made. After all, more money in your own pocket it always a good idea.

Stockland’s Mainwaring Collection at Brightwater

Stockland’s Mainwaring Collection at Brightwater


2 –

There are always other costs involved when buying property, the sale amount is not the only cost you are up for, so ensure that you are aware of every single additional cost that may be coming your way and factor that into your budgeting! Even moving house can be super expensive – so take into consideration things such as stamp duty costs, mortgage insurance, conveyancing fees and more. 

3 -

Are you eligible to receive a first home owners grant or any government concessions? This varies in each state, so be sure to do your homework to know what you are entitled to. Imagine how good getting a little helping hand would be, not to mention the boost to the budget!

Stockland X Dot + Pop

4 –

Have you ever considered buying a brand new home? In some cases, buying a new home means that you are less likely to have unexpected costs and outlays, like things breaking down when you move in. You won’t need to replace old and faulty fittings or update any paint work or carpet. Lots of little fixes can end up costing a lot and a new home is not only brand new with zero wear and tear, but there may also be builder’s warranties to provide you with extra comfort.

5 –

Is building an option for you? If you are ready to buy but you’ve been looking and looking and still can’t find the perfect house in the perfect suburb, maybe looking for a piece of land and building your perfect home yourself is a great alternative? Buying a piece of land, or buying a completed home or townhome in a new Stockland community can open your eyes to things you have never even considered. It also means you have more choice in terms of a home design and layout that will best suit your family’s needs.

Stockland X Dot + Pop

6 –

Have you researched your dream suburb? If you are planning on a specific suburb to be the location of your ‘forever’ home, you need to think long term. There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing where you want to live – inner city versus the suburbs, are you happy to compromise on house/land size to live close to the city, is having a big backyard important to you, do you have kids, and if so, what are the schools like, what will your work commute be like, is there sufficient public transport? Do your research!

7 -

Sometimes expanding your suburb search area will bring up new and exciting places you had never considered living.  New communities in fast-developing areas are popping up everywhere and are great for growing families. They generally offer exciting new facilities such as parks, schools and shopping centres - as well as a host of potential friends who are at a similar stage of life.

Stockland X Dot + Pop

To help first home buyers, Stockland has created ‘my place’ – a helpful online guide to shed some light on the most important issues facing first-time buyers. Be sure to check it out!

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My tops tips - ‘how to be a secret domestic goddess with the new LG twin wash’.


When 2018 was still in the near future I had grand plans to organise my life - clean out cupboards, give away clothes, re-organise my pantry, file away all the piles of paperwork lying around the house, change my insurance companies, go through my direct debits (because who even knows what all those debits are for) and obviously eat like a super model and exercise like an athlete - but let’s be honest, 2018 came along and I drank all the margaritas and I ate all the food and I haven't call the insurance companies to negotiate new fees but what I have done is become a secret domestic goddess in the Laundry Department and that’s because of the new LG TWINWash, the first of it’s kind in Australia - and it does all the work for you, I haven’t changed a thing! 

Domestic Goddess Tip #1

Smart ThinQ - The LG TWINWash smart phone integration feature means you can manage your laundry anytime and anywhere through your mobile phone with the LGSmartThinQ app! You can remotely start and/or monitor the wash cycle while you are absolutely ANYWHERE!

Domestic Goddess Tip #2

Dual Wash Cycles - yes that’s right, you can wash TWO loads at once! The Front Loader for your regular loads and the smaller Mini Washer for your speciality loads - both of these can run at the same time, so you can wash your delicates at the same time as your towels, yes, that’s what I’m talking about! 


Domestic Goddess Tip #3

Washer/Dryer Combo - The front loader in the LG TWINWash also doubles as a dryer - so you can set your load to wash/dry with one click and return to clean and dry clothes, it’s a miracle, I know!

Domestic Goddess Tip #4

True Steam - The LG TWINWash combines both water and steam which gives a deeper and gentler clean. The TrueSteam function fluffs up fabric fibres which allows for the steam particles to clean on microscopic level… I didn’t even know I needed this feature until I tried it out, now it’s the only way!


Domestic Goddess Tip #5

Mid Cycle Pause - Even though this baby is a front loader, you can still pause it mid-cycle to add that missing sock, genius!

Domestic Goddess Tip #6

Style - I love a sexy appliance, it makes cooking, cleaning and laundry SO MUCH better. The LG TWINWash is a stunning Laundry appliance let me tell you and it has been designed with an Anti-Fingerprint stainless steel finish, amazing right? You don't even have to clean your own or your kids grubby finger prints off this! 

Domestic Goddess Tip #7

Reliability - This won’t make your house or your clothes cleaner but piece of mind makes life so much better, therefore the LG TWINWash comes with a 10 years parts warranty!


Disclaimer -  LG gifted me the TwinWash to trial and review, all views and opinions are my own.

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