'Top tips for mood lighting' by ISM Objects


Lighting in your home is so important but sometimes it can be forgotten about... that's why we were super excited to be able to chat the to founders of ISM Objects, Simon Christopher and Celina Clarke about how to create mood lighting to enhance your spaces. Their tips are insightful and so easy to achieve in your own home, because creating ambience is always a good idea!

TIP 1. Use more than one light source

This is one of the most important ways to create ambience. Having only one light source can result in a stark, washed-out space, whereas incorporating different light sources, such as overhead, task, floor and table lamps, can create zones of softer or stronger light where needed.


TIP 2. Use dimmers for overhead lighting

Dimming switches allow you to adjust the level of light to suit the time of the day and function of the room. With dimmers you can have strong task lighting or gentle atmospheric lighting in the evening. You may also need to use the dimmers during the day depending on how much natural light a room receives.


TIP 3. Use warm-coloured light globes

LED lighting and new energy-efficient bulbs provide different warmths of light. A 2700K to 3000K bulb (K, for Kelvins, measures the colour of the light source) emits a warm yellow light, like an early sunrise or late sunset. This warm light is cosy, calm and intimate and a good choice for spaces used in the evening as it helps to relax and unwind.


TIP 4. Use table and floor lamps for indirect lighting

If a space doesn’t need overhead lighting, use table and floor lamps to create an intimate or casual atmosphere and environment. They can highlight areas of the room and tall floor lamps can be used to bounce light of the ceiling, effectively doing the job of overhead lighting.


TIP 5. Focus on points of interest

Table and floor lamps and accent lighting, such as wall sconces, can be used to focus on points of interest, such as accentuating architectural and decorative features, drawing attention to furniture pieces or illuminating artworks and sculptures. This creates visual focal and the contrasts between light and dark spaces adds ambience.

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Pendants that are out of this world!

ISM Objects Teamwork pendant  | Photography - Mike Baker | Stylist - Heather Nette King

ISM Objects Teamwork pendant | Photography - Mike Baker | Stylist - Heather Nette King


Pendants, Pendants, Pendants... I've rounded up the hottest new pendants that are 'out of this world' amazing! 

Adding a 'WOW' pendant to your space makes a bold statement, helps to create zones within a large room, aid in ambience and mood lighting and are the perfect finishing touch to your home or workplace... so be creative and go bold with your next pendant purchase! 

ISM Objects Teamwork pendant  | Photography - Mike Baker | Stylist - Heather Nette King

ISM Objects Teamwork pendant | Photography - Mike Baker | Stylist - Heather Nette King

Lights Lights Lights |  3 Tubes Pendant

Lights Lights Lights | 3 Tubes Pendant

Lights Lights Lights |  Leaf Chandelier

Lights Lights Lights | Leaf Chandelier

ISM Objects |  Nudie Pendants

ISM Objects | Nudie Pendants

Surrounding |  Hans J Wegner, Pendant

Surrounding | Hans J Wegner, Pendant

Lights Lights Lights |  Alchimia

Lights Lights Lights | Alchimia

ISM Objects |  Iro Pendant  | Photography - Mike Baker | Stylist - Heather Nette King

ISM Objects | Iro Pendant | Photography - Mike Baker | Stylist - Heather Nette King

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Elsternwick House... a bold and stunning renovation

Photography Sharyn Cairns

Photography Sharyn Cairns


Elsternwick House by Fiona Lynch Interior Design

The grandest of entrances leads you into a breathtakingly beautiful transformation of a Victorian Home, Elsternwick House is absolutely stunning. 

"As the client was encouraging of our exploration of colour, we took an evolutionary approach from room to room. Soft, earthy clay in the lounge melds into rusty brown in the adjacent study; through to a dining room swathed in striking blue." says Fiona Lynch.

Elsternwick House Fiona Lynch
Elsternwick House Fiona Lynch
Elsternwick House Fiona Lynch
Elsternwick House Fiona Lynch
Elsternwick House Fiona Lynch
Source: Elsternwick House by Fiona Lynch Interior ...

The 10 most popular styles of pendant lights and why we love them...


Pendant lights have always been popular, but they’re receiving unprecedented attention at the moment thanks to renovation and home decor TV shows, online inspiration sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram and the increasing affordability of different lighting options. Instead of just sticking with whichever lights are built into their home, people are starting to change their lights according to the season and the trends, treating them like throw cushions and other styling details.

Here are ten trending pendant styles to consider next time you’re changing your light fittings:


Cage pendant lights are everywhere right now, and for good reason! Cages work with all different styles of decor and homes of all different periods. Cage pendants consist of an exposed light bulb with a geometric frame around it, which can be made from all sorts of materials but are usually metal. Metal cages have an inherently industrial feel, reminiscent of the cages around spotlights on building sites. To take the edge off, use a vintage filament bulb that produces a warm ambient light.


Metallic finishes throughout the home make a great alternative to bright pops of colour, offering contrast to the soft neutrals we tend to use as a base. Metal offers this contrast through the use of texture rather than colour, which is perfect if you’re not ready to commit to anything too bright. Metal finishes respect the neutral colour palette while offering contrast and creating a sense of dimension.  Win-win! The most popular types of metal for pendant lights are brass, copper, steel, bronze, and chrome.

Crystal and Glass

Whether you’re interested in glass or crystal, this type of fitting really makes the most of the light from your bulb. The possibilities are endless here: clear glass panels, frosted glass, glass or crystal beads, and coloured glass are some of the most popular options. Reflecting and directing the light creates sparkle and adds some glitter to your room. Whether you’re planning a chandelier, a lantern or a simple glass light shade, glass or crystal light fittings are perfect if you’re looking for ambient light and something to draw the eye.


Industrial pendant lights are perfect for adding a contemporary edge to period homes and for creating sleek lines in contemporary spaces. Industrial lighting is typically metal and they can have either an ultra-modern feel or a vintage feel depending on what you’re after. If your fitting is metal it is a great in contrast to harsh materials such as brick and concrete.


If you’re after a bohemian look for your interiors, Moroccan light fittings are for you. Usually, this means lanterns, although other styles and shapes are also seen. Whatever the shape, Moroccan fittings are usually made of metal with patterns and holes punched into the surface. These may be small holes working together to create pattern, or large cutouts. Not only does this look beautiful as a feature during the day, but it also creates intriguing patterns of light and shadow around the room at night.

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Art deco

Although it is nearly 100 years old, the art deco style is making a very popular return.  The architectural shapes and clean lines of art deco pendant lights make for a timeless and versatile feature in any modern interior.  It is the definition of luxury and elegance, combining rich colours, bold geometry and decorative detail to enhance modern spaces with ease.  The most important principle in art deco lighting is shape: think zigzag lines, jumbled forms and geometric designs. Just be sure to keep it simple and clean.  Materials such as chrome and brass, along with anything shiny like opal glass and mirror, are also a key part of art deco lighting glam!

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

Timber and Rattan

Timber pendant lights may be made from ply, bamboo and other types of wood. Timber brings softness to a room, contrasting beautifully with harsh materials like concrete or brick. Timber lights may be any different shape, either directing light or creating a cage for ambient light. Wood is very easy to customise through painting or staining. Rattan is a very fine timber that is light and brings natural pattern and texture to a space: think wicker furniture or woven baskets. People love huge feature pieces made of rattan that show off their detail during the day while casting interesting shadows and patterns of light at night. 


When you think soft, organic material, concrete is often the last thing that comes to mind. In truth, concrete is porous and textured, bringing something truly special to a room. Pendant lights are a great way of incorporating concrete into your space without committing to something big like polished concrete floors or benchtops. The movement of a pendant is perfect for balancing out the strength and industrial feel of the concrete.


‘Vintage’ is such a broad category, which means there’s truly something for everyone! You might be interested in a retro fitting from the 60s or 70s, an art deco piece from the 1920s, or a Victorian pendant light for a truly classic feel. There are seemingly endless choices of period, place and style, and you have the choice between buying new fittings in a vintage style or hunting for authentic antiques for something special.


Pendants are popular as the feature piece of a room, adding depth and texture as well as providing light. One way to really make a statement is to use your pendant as an opportunity to add a pop of colour to your space.. Focus on finding something bright and eye-catching, or find a pendant in the perfect style and have it spray-painted your dream colour.

With all these incredible styles trending, the hardest part is choosing between them!


Trend alert... tan leather

Aisha Cushion -  Nathan & Jac

Aisha Cushion - Nathan & Jac

Pearl Chair -  Jardan

Pearl Chair - Jardan


We love a cheeky hint of tan leather and now more than ever it's popping up all over our insta feeds... from furniture, to bed heads, to accessories to lighting, this trend is here to stay. 

We've curated our fav finds here for you to check out - click to shop!

Galaxy Cushion Round -  Ni.Ni Creative

Galaxy Cushion Round - Ni.Ni Creative

Seb Armchair -  Jardan

Seb Armchair - Jardan

Elma Cushion -  Country Road

Elma Cushion - Country Road

Leather Flat Bench -  Fenton & Fenton

Leather Flat Bench - Fenton & Fenton

Outline Chair by Muuto - at  Lightly Design

Outline Chair by Muuto - at Lightly Design

Tan Weave Cushion -  Hide & Co

Tan Weave Cushion - Hide & Co

Paper Box with Handles -  Hunting for George

Paper Box with Handles - Hunting for George

Hold me tight vases -  Great Dane Furniture

Hold me tight vases - Great Dane Furniture

Norman Ottoman designed by CM Studio -  from Project 82

Norman Ottoman designed by CM Studio - from Project 82

Leather Butterfly Chair -  Fenton & Fenton

Leather Butterfly Chair - Fenton & Fenton

Leather Hanger Natural -  Lightly Design

Leather Hanger Natural - Lightly Design

Nully Leather Basket -  Country Road

Nully Leather Basket - Country Road

Classic Leather Bag Tan Weave -  Hide & Co

Classic Leather Bag Tan Weave - Hide & Co

Leather Holdall Storage -  Life Interiors

Leather Holdall Storage - Life Interiors

Loop Pendant -  Barnaby Lane

Loop Pendant - Barnaby Lane

MJG Round leather ottoman -  Life Interiors

MJG Round leather ottoman - Life Interiors

Seth Leather Dining Chair -  ClickOn Furniture

Seth Leather Dining Chair - ClickOn Furniture

Buffalo Leather Wall Dot -  ClickOn Furniture

Buffalo Leather Wall Dot - ClickOn Furniture


Luxe lights to love...


Parachilna in outback South Australia is a long way away from the Spanish design scene, but they both have one thing in common: their stars shine bright.

The lighting brand Parachilna may be named for the remote desert town, but its decorative lighting is known around the world. Parachilna debuted at Milan Design Week in 2014 with an inaugural collection by superstar designers Jaime Hayón, Stephen Burks and Jordi Veciana. Each brought their personal style to their work for Parachilna and the design community duly responded.

Wallpaper* awarded Parachilna Best New Brand 2015 and the lighting company has since continued to create a range of products that are distinguished by luxury materials and fine craftsmanship.

Stockist Details: KE-ZU www.kezu.com.au 


My top 10 bedside lamps of the moment...


When it comes to choosing a bedside or table lamp the options are endless and it can become super overwhelming... to help you out I have listed my top 10 lamps of the moment, and to make it even easier you can click to shop!


Lounge Lovers...

Turner Coffee Table  - Black Oak - Styling and Photography Dot + Pop

Turner Coffee Table - Black Oak - Styling and Photography Dot + Pop

If you haven't yet heard about Lounge Lovers it's time you got on board this super fab brand that is providing Australian's with the best designed and best value furniture and home accessories. Their collection includes designer sofas, sofa beds, dining and living room furniture and other designer loungy accessories. 

Their pieces are thoughtfully designed and super on trend, with their range evolving and expanding all the time. The collection is based around easy every day living that has a designer edge, with all pieces of the range seamlessly integrating themselves within your space. 

I am lucky enough to own the Turner Coffee Table in black oak veneer (see above pic) - it is modern, sleek and minimalist but has thought out detail in it's leg design and textured finish which gives it the designer edge I love, and it fits my aesthetic to a tee!

Contessa Bench Chair  - Styling and Photography Dot + Pop

Contessa Bench Chair - Styling and Photography Dot + Pop

Above is the Contessa Bench chair  - the perfect addition to any bedroom (or dining table, lounge or office). The soft dusty blue fabric against the light oak base is a stunning combo and the button detail adds a bit of glam in an understated manner. Being a lover of grey (aren't we all!) it is the perfect way to add a touch of colour in a refined way... and how did I ever put my shoes on before owning this bad boy?!!!

Lounge Lovers entire range of sofas, sofa beds and lounge and dining furniture are all handmade by experienced furniture craftspeople and their solid frames and high quality durable fabrics ensure you get a quality piece that will stand the test of time. 

And what I love even more about Lounge Lovers is that they make sure their customers are the happiest they can be with stellar customer service! 


Designer Collection by Beacon Lighting...


Brought to you by Beacon Lighting

Beacon Lighting has been a household name in Australian lighting since opening their doors in Melbourne in 1967 and to this day they remain Australia’s leading lighting retailer with over 100 stores across the country.

I was lucky enough to attend the launch event for their ‘Designer Collection’ which was hosted by the super talented and lovely Jenna Densten, who you would know from two series of The Block. The event was a beautifully designed and elegant luncheon, held at the renowned Botanical in South Yarra, where we mingled with inspiring stylists, bloggers and interior designers to take in the exquisite new collection.

In between the delicious food courses we had the opportunity to have a ‘conversation’ focused around lighting trends, Beacon’s new collection, what we personally like and dislike about lighting and how we feel lighting changes the mood of a space and creates a warmth like no other product can.

The designer collection by Beacon is everything you want it to be – modern and so on trend! They have a super minimalist and matte black range that is so me, I want it all! A timber range that is natural and effortlessly chic, a collection that has an art deco vibe with aging brass and tinted glass and the super gorgeous Scandinavian inspired range that works so well in all spaces.

Beacon sees lighting as one of the most crucial design decisions, and they are so right! Lighting zones spaces and adds visual interest; for example, by using a pendant over your dining room table you are creating a moody and intimate atmosphere for your diners and when you add a lamp on a side table in your lounge room and turn off your down lights you effortlessly create a feeling of warmth and are cocooning your space in warm ambient light.

Not only do Beacon travel the world in search of the latest styles, trends and innovations so you can have the very best and most up-to date designs at your fingertips, they are also 100% committed to the environment and endeavour to continually offer their customers the most advanced and energy efficient solutions available.

At the event I was super lucky to receive the Liam 1 Light Table Lamp in Concrete which I absolutely LOVE! I was desperately in need of the perfect lamp for the end of my entertainment unit and had been struggling with what to put there as it’s in a corner and I didn’t want a traditional ‘lamp looking lamp’ for the space, and a floor lamp wouldn’t have worked as I have a beautiful fiddle leaf fig there in the corner which gives the space height– and then BOOM, Liam Table Lamp changed my life!

To me it’s more of a decorative piece than a lamp, it has a touch of concrete which matches my interior aesthetic of natural materials and the glass detail ensures its beautiful soft light radiates out when it’s turned on in the evenings… the lesson here is ‘get out of your interior design comfort zone and you will be surprised at how much you love it!’


JASSA - Limited edition collection by IKEA...


Say Hello to IKEA’s new limited edition collection JASSA – inspired by Indonesian and South East Asian design traditions it is produced by hand with all natural materials meaning each piece is unique and special.

Featuring furniture, textiles and accessories, each piece is made with raw materials including rattan, bamboo, water hyacinth, sea grass and cotton. The range includes baskets, decorative vases, ceramics, floor cushions, cushion covers, lamp shades, loungers, chairs, rugs and many more great pieces. 


Lighting Lighting Lighting...


As a interior stylist and renovator I am always on the look out for new lighting options... and Lighting Lighting Lighting has an array of gorgeous pieces to choose from. 

Lighting Lighting Lighting are a business passionate about lights and their customers and as an online only business they go the extra mile to support their customer. They show you every angle of their lights online and endeavour to leave a lasting impression on their customers with their genuine excitemnt of lighting. 

Their product range is vibrant, fresh and modern and includes all your favourites from floor lamps to table lamps, pendants, interior wall lights and external lighting options, they have you covered for everything you might need. 

I have their Syphon Floor Lamp - see above image - and I love it, it has a modern and minimalist aesthetic which is perfect for my interior style and it blends seamlessly into nearly every room of my home which is perfect when you are like me and always moving house! 

If you're building, renovating or just in need of a change check out their collection online now!