Why ocean prints are trending in a big way...


Ocean prints are here to stay… I’ve been a huge fan ever since I bought my first Kara Rosenlund ocean print a few years back and I still love it to death.

Maybe it’s the calming nature of the subject itself, maybe it’s the cool blue grey tones, it could be the softness of the light and the sparkle of the sunshine on the water or the feelings of summer holidays it evokes in you… whatever it is, it’s time to bring some nature into your home in the form of an ocean print!

I have rounded up my top 10 here for you, all with varying price points… but there are so many stunning options available, so do your research and find the perfect one for you.

Source: wwww.dotandpop.com.au/art

Artist Profile - Tangas Residence



Tangas Residence was created by Toneya and Lochie, two young, inspired and highly creative beings that have formed a unique partnership to create new fine art photographic prints.

Both Toneya and Lochie possess an eye for design, presentation and arrangement, aligning colour, layout, furnishings and art to create a new and exciting aesthetic.

We started Tangas Residence because we, as avid travellers, wanted to serve purpose every time we explored a new country. This way we were able to combine our roles in photography/ film & design to create abstract limited edition fine art photographic prints. We are conscious of mass production printing which is why all of our Photographic artwork are limited to 10 pieces. These are signed and numbered by Lochlan Tangas.

They have recently released a new diverse series which is based around signature rock formations to pastel toned architecture - this makes up ‘The Greek Islands’.

See the full collection here.

Source: Tangas Residence was created by Toneya ...

Artist Lane - A collection by The Block's Hannah and Clint



Hannah & Clint the bubbly and gorgeous couple from The Block 2017 have come together with Melbourne based artwork retailer Artist Lane, to create The Hannah & Clint collection. Comprising of photography and artwork, the collection has an underlying theme of soft blush tones with a handful of bold statement pieces to round out the collection.

Artist Lane are specialists in artwork reproductions working with over 50 well known artists around the globe to create high quality reproductions without the expensive price tag. 

“We wanted to give Hannah & Clint creative control of the collection. We sat down with them and presented a set of images which was slowly culled down to the become the collection we see now.” - Artist Lane

The collection draws on inspiration from the latest trends in fashion and home décor and includes artwork from up and coming artists Fern Siebler, Maggi McDonald and Renee Tohl.

SHOP the full collection here.

Source: Hannah & Clint the bubbly and gorgeous ...

AFTER FORM - a solo exhibition by Maegan Brown

Maegan Brown After Form

Maegan Brown, a Melbourne-based photographer who documents dramatic landscapes around the globe and is debuting her first solo exhibition 'After—Form' at the ‘Apartment’ by Sisalla Interior Design in South Yarra.

Photographed throughout Death Valley National Park and the Mojave Desert in the United States of America, After—Form depicts the isolated, enduring and prehistoric landscapes which were formed more than 150 million years ago, during the age of the dinosaurs.

From dramatic canyons to peaceful valleys, Maegan Brown explores celestial terrain, focusing on the relentless and prevailing nature of the vast and expansive environment. Multi-coloured rock formations, geologic textures and fascinating displays of erosion create a conflicting sense of force and calm; everlasting, primitive wilderness.
The exhibition runs - Thu 3rd May, 2018 — Thu 31 May, 2018
‘Apartment’ By Sisällä Interior Design
Level 1, 409 Chapel Street, South Yarra (enter via Snowball Lane)

Maegan Brown After Form
Maegan Brown After Form
Maegan Brown After Form
Maegan Brown After Form
Maegan Brown After Form
Maegan Brown After Form
Maegan Brown After Form

TRENDING | Animal Art - my top 13 picks!


The latest trend in the art world is photographic animal art and we love it! 

Ranging from landscapes to close ups, to farm animals and wild animals there is an animal print for everyone. Each print brings their own personality to your space, whether it be the moody eye of a horse or a bouncing kangaroo in the bush lands - with so many options it's easy to find the perfect snap that will compliment your homes interiors and decor.

I've put together my top 13 for you.. I can't pick a favourite, I love them all!

Love Your Space -  GYPSY - SQUARE

Love Your Space - GYPSY - SQUARE



Love Your Space -  RUNAWAY

Love Your Space - RUNAWAY

Temple & Webster -  Highland Cow 3 Printed Wall Art
Kara Rosenlund -  Chicken Photographic Print

Kara Rosenlund - Chicken Photographic Print

Kara Rosenlund -  Wild Horses Photographic Print
Kara Rosenlund -  Plain Lands Photographic Print
CS Photographic + Art -  Walter

CS Photographic + Art - Walter

CS Photographic + Art -  Wild Hearts

CS Photographic + Art - Wild Hearts

Yorklee Wall Art Prints -  Buffalo wall art print

Yorklee Wall Art Prints - Buffalo wall art print


Why we are in love... with Love Your Space!

Little Town.jpg

Love Your Space was created from a love of photography, travel, the ocean and breathtaking landscapes. We love the soft pastel colours, rich earthy tones and the stories behind the beautiful artworks that Love Your Space have created.

We chatted with Dani Burley, the creative force behind Love Your Space to find out about her life, her love of photography and her budding business... scroll down to check it out and to see more of her divine photographs.

And if you need one of these beauties in your house by the end of our interview below (which I promise you will!) get onto their SHOP here and use my code: SPRING for 25% OFF.... and  these beauties start at just $12, is that not the best news ever?!

Can you tell us a little about your background and Love Your Space?

I'm a country girl at heart, I grew up in the beautiful Hunter Valley of NSW. I’ve lived in different parts of Australia and overseas since leaving home in 1997, but it was my 12 months in Mission Beach in 2009 that opened my eyes to photography. It started as a hobby, but I was keen to make this my full time job. So I moved to Melbourne, did a photography course and I began working as an assistant wedding photographer. I then ventured out on my own as a freelance wedding photographer and loved it. 

At the end of 2013 I went traveling for two months around South America where I captured the most stunning images from a 4-day trek from Atacama Desert, Chile through to La Paz, Bolivia. 

Our first daughter Wila arrived in 2014. It was then I decided to have a break from weddings and focus back on my original passion of capturing landscapes. It wasn't until our second daughter Hazel arrived in 2016 and the move down to Warrnambool for hubby's work that I decided to bring Love Your Space to life. 

I've always loved interiors and styling, so I thought what better way to make my little mark in this industry then having my artwork displayed and styled in beautiful homes and spaces.

How would you describe your work?

Pastels, natural light and a lot of landscapes. I’m always adding to my collection, I'm looking to incorporate some richer tones, more flora and some quirky animals.

Where did your love of Photography come from?

I was always playing with the big old video camera as a kid, making pretend documentaries and movies, so I always thought that would be the path I’d take. But it wasn't until I was 29 that I became obsessed with photography and creating beautiful images. 


Where do you draw inspiration from?

Living down along the great ocean road means I'm spoilt with the countryside and the ocean, so where I live inspires me the most. Other artists also inspire me, I've been an avid Jonas Peterson stalker from years back, the way he works with light is insane.

What can we expect from you next, do you have any new collections coming out?

Next year we're hoping to venture to New Zealand, a place I've wanted to travel to and take photos of for years. I'm also working on some darker tones, so I'm currently brainstorming ideas for my new collection. 


Who are your favourite artists/designers/photographers at the moment?

Artists - I've just discovered Leden, she's from NZ and does the most beautiful water colour pictures

Photographers - Jonas Peterson, Leila Jeffery's and my friend Elisendra Russell. All so different, but I draw inspiration from each of them.

Designers - I'd like a whole wardrobe of Gorman please. I’ve also been a part of the talented duo at Beeline Design, taking their very first product shots years ago. Watching them expand and producing the most gorgeous pieces of furniture has been super inspiring.

Dani Burley - Love Your Space

Dani Burley - Love Your Space


Hunting for George ‘Golden Years’ Art Print Collection...

Art Direction: Lucy Glade-Wright Styling: Ruth Welsby Photography: Annette O’Brien

Art Direction: Lucy Glade-Wright
Styling: Ruth Welsby
Photography: Annette O’Brien

One of our favourite online retailers Hunting for George returns to it's roots and launches a new Art Print collection titled ‘Golden Years’ that celebrates the warmth and positivity of Summer.

We were extremely excited to design this new collection of art prints. It’s where we first began and art is where my passion lies. My background is in graphic design and I have a strong appreciation for typography. With this collection we experimented with different foil finishes and paper stock to introduce new textures. The beauty of foiling is that the type changes appearance based on how the light reflects from its surface, making it behave a little differently every time you see it.” Lucy Glade-Wright, co-founder.

The collection also features photographic prints that embrace the warmth and energy of Summer.

This photographic series features imagery from a range of different photographers but they all balance and complement one another. With each photographic print we wanted to capture the energy and warmth of Summer, it was such a pleasure curating these images and bringing them to life. We were lucky to collaborate with new photographers and are looking forward to developing these collaborations further.” Lucy Glade-Wright, co-founder.

The Ocean Floor print is from Clare Plueckhahn, a Melbourne based surf photographer. The print takes you to the depths of the quiet ocean floor and is a breathtaking, natural colour gradient from the ocean. “We’ve worked with Clare a few times and I am a huge fan of her work. Her underwater series is so powerful yet peaceful. We wanted to crop into her imagery to create a more abstract, painterly effect.” Lucy Glade-Wright, co-founder.

The Mr Fancy Plants Monstera print, features the photography of Melbourne green thumb Naomi Savio and is the first in a series of plant artworks for Hunting for George. This print creates immediate tropical jungle vibes without fear of under or over watering.

A stand out of this collection is the Cornwall print, capturing England’s Cornwall beach during a family Summer holiday in the 1950s. It’s a visual feast that draws you into a busy day at the beach. Perfect for bringing sunny positive vibes into your home. Its paired with the Last Wave print, a nostalgic photograph from a family album taken in Noosa, 1960. 









Hunting for George here - Facebook here - Instagram  - Pinterest here

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United Interiors...


Introducing United Interiors, Australia’s newest online marketplace for desirable interior design. The recently launched website is home to leading brands The Canvas Workshop, Art Luxe, Rugspace and, the original name that started it all back in 2012, United Artworks.

These brands have consolidated into the new online mecca, United Interiors – founded by Managing Director Tony Romano. With over two decades of experience in the furniture and interiors industry, Tony continues to curate and drive the collections across United Interiors’ diverse brands. Placing courtesy, honesty and efficiency on par with style, United Interiors’ products have long been in demand by big decorating names such as Temple & Webster, The Block hop and Zanui, and have also been featured on television shows The Block and Selling Houses Australia.

Their reputation for quality and on-trend seasonality has led to creative collaborations with celebrity landscaper Jamie Durie, interior designers Alisa & Lysandra (The Block) and designer James Treble (The Living Room).

At United Interiors, both professional and budding interior designers will find everything they need to decorate their living spaces both inside and out. As one of the biggest online hubs for contemporary home accessories in the nation, they have you covered from floor to ceiling. The website offers beautiful hand painted artworks, fashionable prints, decor, cushions, ottomans and rugs that are always in touch with global trends. United Interiors is the new digital destination for making a house, a home.

United Interiors here - Facebook here - Instagram here

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Isamu Sawa - Without Water...


A moment of withering beauty caught in an instant and revealed forever in expansive detail. Isamu Sawa’s striking macro photographic images of dying flowers are proof that the art of master photographic craftsmanship is, in fact, not dead. Sawa’s new series confirms that technical brilliance, years of experience and a great eye still count.

Sawa first plucked a discarded flower from his florist wife’s studio intending to embark on a technical exercise. He used a process called focus stacking, taking up to 25 close-up or macro images with graduating depths of field and then combined them with complicated software to produce a single image in crisp, uniform focus. With encouragement from a friend he enlarged a single colour print and was immediately aware he had produced something special.

I was blown away. The flower looked so beautiful – the texture, the detail, the subtle palette of colours. It was something I’d never seen before.”

Sawa’s treatment of these withering flowers – just days or weeks after they featured in wedding ceremonies around the country – make them even more breathtaking and special. It is a slow, painstaking and complex process.

These are precious images,” says Sawa, “I’ve rescued these flowers so in a way I feel like I’ve given them another life.

Born in Japan and raised in Australia, Isamu Sawa has been a commercial photographer for more than 20 years. With a reputation for technical ability and a keen eye for composition he has worked for a host of commercial and editorial clients, including Holden, Mercedes Benz, Subaru, Domaine Chandon, Jack Daniel’s, Penfolds, GQ, The Age Melbourne Magazine and Vogue. He has also photographed well known identities including fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier, actor Geoffrey Rush and former prime minister Kevin Rudd. 

Known to friends simply as ‘Issey’ he lives in Melbourne, Australia, with his wife Basia and their baby daughter, Hannah Rose.  

Isamu Sawa here - Facebook  - Contact here

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The Artwork Stylist...


I have been following and admiring the beautiful Art from The Artwork Stylist for a long time now and their latest collection is nothing short of stunning! 

The Artwork Stylist is the brain child of sisters Sara and Amy Chamberlain Founders of The Real Estate Stylist. The Artwork Stylist is an organic collaboration between the stylist, designers, photographers, local printers and quality framers.

Their concept is to deliver affordable fine art in a curated environment while maintaining exclusivity with limited edition runs of each piece. Their goal is to support local artists and the industry. Click to shop... x

The Artwork Stylist here - Pinterest here - Instagram here 

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